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Dolphin SVN r6692

Revision 6692:

TextureDecoder.cpp: new SSE2 optimized GX_TF_I8 decoder. Probably not ultimately optimal SSE2 code, but provably better (on my machine) than the memset version. Tested with __rdtsc counts in an independent project. I get about 6-7 FPS more on average during the intro movie playback in Mario Kart Wii. Hope this compiles for GCC okay.
TextureDecoder.cpp: merged two functionally identical decode5A3RGBA and decode5A3rgba methods.
OpcodeDecoding.cpp and DLCache.cpp: optimization for GX_LOAD_XF_REG. The PSUHFB solution sounds better for SSSE3, but this is a small win for the default case.

Revision 6691

LLE Int: (addr add/sub/inc/dec)

Adjusted the code work without ToMask.
This code should be functionally identical for all inputs to the previous code.

Revision 6690

Fix issue with LinearDiskCache where only new files could be written to, Append() would fail on previously existing cache files.


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Dolphin SVN r6689

Revision 6689:

Upgrade GLEW to version 1.5.7:

New extension:
Bug fixes:
Improved mingw32 build support
Improved cygwin build support
glGetPointervEXT fix

Fixes issue 3798.

Revision 6688


* Optimised out the R11 ImmPtr instructions
* Made the whitespacing a little more consistent
* Disabled block linking while it is being reworked


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Dolphin SVN r6687

Revision 6687:

Core/DSPCore: Changed g_dsp._r back to g_dsp.r. Removed the check*Exclude
functions accidentally added. Fixed the jitted ar register arithmetic.
Added a CMakeList.txt for the UnitTests, but did not add the subdirectory
to Source/CMakeLists.txt.

Revision 6686

Linux build fix.

Revision 6685

Add ciso support.
Thanks to dolphin.user839 for the patch ;)
Fixes issue 2708.

Revision 6684

DX9/DX11: Fixing some maybe possible crashes if a game was started, the config dialog opened and the game closed again. Due to other issues this still happens quite often though…
Various warning fixes.

Revision 6683

Compile fix for Unittests.
A lot of tests are failing right now, not sure yet if this is caused by the recent reg changes or other stuff (at least broken according to tests: iar, subarn, addarn, ‘ir, ‘nr, ‘l, ‘s, ‘sn, ‘ln, ‘lsn, ‘lsm, ‘lsnm, ‘sl etc — err, most/all that use increase/decrease)


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Dolphin SVN r6682

Revision 6682:

More FIFO work. This is an Experimental commit, Fixed «Monopoly Wii» («FIFOs linked but out of sync» problem in this game) Re-sync the FIFO again when this is in immediate mode. Copy CP register values to PI register. Now this games is booting and ingame :)

Revision 6681

* Fixed a bug in the JCC instruction.
* Changed the cycle count from u32 to u16.
* Added cycle counting to the block linker.
* Optimised the branch exit slightly.

Revision 6680

Core/DSPCore: Reorganize register layout for accessing accumulators
(acc and ax) and product register with one read/write.

Gives a minuscule speedup of not more than 4%. In exchange, breaks all
your out-of-tree changes to dsp. Tests are not building again, yet.

Revision 6679

Made wiimotes automatically connect on start based on their selected «Input Source» in the wiimote configuration.(fixes issue 2261) Made wiimotes 2-4 input source default to «None».


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Dolphin SVN r6678

Revision 6678:

Fix ClearScreen in OpenGL as well (uses clear quads instead of glClear now).
Thanks to kiesel and sl1nk3 for helping me out here ;)

Revision 6677

Invalidate texture cache when the STC or native mipmaps options are changed.
Fixes minor graphical glitches in these cases.


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Dolphin SVN r6676

Revision 6676:

Small fix in addition to r6669.

Revision 6675

LLE JIT: Completed the remaining JIT DSP instructions (lrrn, srrn, ilrrn).

Revision 6674

LLE JIT: Completed the JIT versions of the DSP Branch instructions (added ifcc, ret, rti and halt).

Revision 6673

linux buildfix

Revision 6672

more WIP BBA crap…nothing nice to see.

Revision 6671

All 64-bit capable Macs have the SSSE3 extension.

Revision 6670

Make ARAM DMAs take time. Allows WWE Day of Reckoning 1 & 2 to go ingame…then they crash. Not entirely sure if the crash is related.


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Dolphin SVN r6668

Revision 6668:

Yet another ClearScreen fix, should be the last one now.
Should fix almost all regressions of the recent ClearScreen changes and keep the fixed stuff.
The Super Mario Sunshine glitch is caused by another issue and will be addressed in my next commit.

Revision 6667

Core/DSPCore: Improve Interpreter address register add/sub, convert to
assembler for JIT. Replace JIT ToMask() with a different variant. Remove
superfluous zeroWriteBackLog calls(added by me).
Core/Common: Don’t bother creating a string and calling into a Logs trigger()
when there is noone listening. Change AtomicLoadAcquire for gcc to just
make the compiler not reorder memory accesses around it instead of doing
a full memory barrier, per the comment in the win32 variant.
Core/AudioCommon: Fix a use of uninitialized variable inside libalsa.

Microbenchmarking results for ToMask variants:(1 000 000 000 iterations):
cpu\variant| shifts | bit scan
intel mobile C2D@2.5GHz | 5.5s | 4.0s
amd athlon64x2@3GHz | 6.1s | 6.4s
(including some constant overhead identical to both variants)


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Dolphin SVN r6666

Revision 6666:

little fix for my last commit

Revision 6665

Ops! Little fix for my prior commit.

Revision 6664

Second Experimental commit:
corrected peek color and peek z to correctly emulate real hardware formats.
implements native gamma correction.(i don’t own any game that uses this functionality so i will appreciate feedback)
i need a lot of feedback in this changes please

Revision 6663

First Experimental Commit:
make some changes to the Clear code. please test a lot , the point of this commit is to determine the correct behavior of the efb clearing so feedback is welcome

Revision 6662

More FIFO work, HACK Solution for extreme overflow on breakpoints.

1) What is the FIFO? The fifo is a ring queue for write (CPU) and read (GPU) the graphics commands.
2) What is the Brakpoints? The breakpoint is the FIFO mark to allow parallel work (CPU-GPU) When the GPU reached the breakpoint must stop read immediately until this Breakpoint will be removed for the CPU.
3) What is an overflow? The CPU write all room FIFO possible, and like a ring overwrite commands not processed yet.
4) ?Why you have an overflow? In theory should not have an overflow never because the fifo has another mark (High Watermark) When the CPU Write reach this mark raise a CP interruption and the FIFO CPU WRITES should stop write until distance between READ POINTER AND WRITE POINTER will be equal to another mark (LO Watemark to prevent and overflow.
5) ?So if impossible why you have overflows? Simple, the CP interruption is processed later and the Overflow happens. (there is a lot of theories about this)
6) ?Why is no so simple like when CPU WRITE POINTER is near to the end of the FIFO only process pending graphics command?
Because when this happens sometimes we are in BREAKPOINT and is IMPOSIBLE process the graphics commands.

— This HACK process the pending data when CPU WRITE POINTER is 32 bytes before the end of the fifo, and if there is a Breakpoint force the situation to process the commands and prevent an overflown.
In theory you have not see «FIFO is overflown by GatherPipe nCPU thread is too fast!» anymore. But if you have a hang in game where you had this please read the NOTICE LOG in user\logs, I’ve added this message «FIFO is almost in overflown, BreakPoint» when the hack is activated. (I will delete this message very soon)

Good Luck!! PD: Shuffle sorry for the large commit description :P


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Dolphin SVN r6659

Revision 6659:

LLE JIT: Added the loop instructions to the JIT. Added ASM version of HandleLoop. Both x86 and x64 versions have been added.

Revision 6658

Made the «Download Gecko Codes» button not add already existing codes.(fixes issue 3732) Minor fix to gecko code handling. Added a «Show Shader Errors» setting to video config dialog.

Revision 6657


* Completed the JIT versions of the DSP Multiplier instructions (5 instructions added).
* Bug fixed the dec and lsr16 instructions.
* Minor code clean-up.


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