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Dolphin SVN r6630

Revision 6630:

On OS X, we claim all keyboard events while emulation is running to
avoid wxWidgets sounding the system beep for unhandled key events
when receiving pad/wiimote keypresses separately from HID devices.

Revision 6629

Fix shadowing like in DX9..
Not sure if the previous commit broke anything, but better be safe..

Revision 6628

Avoid shadowing variables.

Revision 6627

Various ClearScreen fixes.
Will fix some games and break some others.
Assist trophies in SSBB work fine now, Super Mario Sunshine is a little broken again.
Still needs some more work…

Revision 6626

Forgot committing the changes to VideoConfigDiag.h in r6625…

Revision 6625

Add an option to toggle caching EFB->RAM copies.
skid_au had implemented this in a previous revision and enabled it by default, but it caused glitches if STC wasn’t set to «safe» (which kinda defeated the purpose since it slowed down stuff again).

Also renamed the «safe texture cache» to «accurate texture cache», since setting the «safe» texture cache to «safe» sounds kind of silly..


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Dolphin SVN r6624

Revision 6624:

added/changed some graphics plugin tooltips, added some low-res framebuffer options for getting a speedup (in pixel-shader-limited situations) at the cost of quality but without needing to make the window tiny, and fixed a little crash with closing the dx9 settings window at a bad time

Revision 6623

update shader cache version to force regeneration

Revision 6622

fix Issue 3539

Revision 6621

* revert Clear Screen’s stuff from r6604
reason : failure! (are needed more testing)

Revision 6620

this probably doesn’t fix anything noticeable, but, it seems like a bug that C_COLORMATRIX+4 overlapped with C_PLIGHTS


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Dolphin SVN r6615

Revision 6615:

OS X std::locale only supports the «C» locale and will give an exception
on any other, including «» when a different one is specified through the
POSIX locale environment variables.

This is not normally a problem since these variables are stripped out from
the environment when an application is launched by the Finder. This is not
the case when running the binary directly from the command line, such as
when debugging.

I have temporarily disabled the use of std::locale(«») on OS X while I try
to come up with a better solution.

Fixes issue 3598.

Revision 6614

Lock emulation while saving state on all platforms.

Fixes issue 2805. Fixes issue 3235.

If this causes problems on Windows, just use this intead:

#if defined(HAVE_X11) && HAVE_X11 || defined __APPLE__

Revision 6613

Avoid shadowing variables.

Revision 6612

Related to CPUID detecting:

* fixed a bug on display info for AMD CPUs.

Revision 6611

Fix TextureDecoder.cl to work on both NVidia and ATI video cards.
To do so I had to re-add the casting bloat removed in revision 6102. Also, for some odd reason the NVidia OpenCL drivers don’t like 8 bit rotations, but are okay with 2, 4 bit rotations. These are apparently bugs in the NVidia drivers that are hopefully fixed in future versions.
Also, on linux make sure the TextureDecoder.cl file is copied from the shared data directory to the users directory.

Revision 6610

Build fix for linux. svnrev.h was not found when compiling OCLTextureDecoder.cpp as that include directory was only used in Core/Common.


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Dolphin SVN r6604

Revision 6604:


* More formats recognition for «Clear Screen» step. Improved the ability handling the alpha channel (% color translucency).
* Related to CPUID detecting:
— Added support displaying correct SysInfo for recent multicore Intel CPUs x86-64 with HT/SMT (Core i3/i5/i7 and Xeon) based on Nehalem architecture.

+ minor and passive changes.


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Dolphin SVN r6600

Revision 6600:

ABI fix for Linux x64. ABI_CallFunctionCC16 was not calculating the jump distance on far calls.

Revision 6599

LLE JIT: Added another 9 DSP Load/Store instructions to the JIT. Fixed a couple bugs in the 32bit and Linux builds.

Revision 6598

Fixed the throttle (Tab) key so that it takes effect when the frame-limiter is used. Hold down Tab to run the emulator unthrottled (Windows only).

Revision 6597

Helps to add the new code to the repository.

Revision 6596

* Added jit versions of 5 DSP LoadStore instructions: srs, lrs, lr, sr, si
* Renamed MainOpFallback to Default for consistency in naming with JIT64
* Made ext_dmem_read and ext_dmem_write more generic for wider use
* Optimised dmem_read and dmem_write slightly
* Added dmem_read_imm and dmem_write_imm optimised versions

Revision 6595

Core/DSPCore: Fix more memory accesses for linux x64
Core/Common: Add more asserts for too large displacements


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Dolphin SVN r6594

Revision 6594:

Fix an omission from the last commit.

Revision 6593

Merge some state loading stuff to VideoCommon and fixed a crash on Linux system when trying to save a state.
Credits go to miquelmartos from the forums for the patch ;)

Revision 6592

Revert most stuff from r6517 and revert r6501.
PixelShaderGen changes broke Mario Kart Wii, ClearScreen changes broke Super Mario Sunshine.


r6594 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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Dolphin SVN r6591

Revision 6591:

System Menu Region is now detected based on the Title Version in tmd
Title Version and region char of currently installed system menu are now listed in the menu as well

Which means disc channel will only show pal discs if it is a pal nand dump; ntsc nand dump will show ntsc discs, ntsc-j nand dump will show ntsc-j discs

Revision 6590

sys menu now loads gamesettings from an ini file (as well as any other wad/nand title that does not have an ascii gamecode)

fixes system menu loading the ini file from the last run game

also check for all countries when setting bntsc for wad/nand titles

Revision 6589

LLE JIT: Used a reiterative approach to linking blocks. The JIT flags blocks that have calls to blocks which have not yet been compiled. After more blocks have been compiled, the JIT reattempts to link the flagged blocks. This is repeated until the minimum number of unlinked blocks are left. This increases the success rate of the block linker and resultant speed up. Based on an idea by nakee.

Revision 6588

Rename variable in WiiSaveCrypted for icc.
Changes file dialog to show *.bin for wii save import instead of data.bin
Move Sram dumps to Sram.cpp and change default FlashID
Fixes issue 3711.
Fixes issue 3042.


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