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Dolphin SVN r6314

Revision 6314:

More robust way of building on 10.6 for a 10.5+ target.

Revision 6313

Properly emulate the alpha read pixel engine register function (used for EFB peeks).

Revision 6312

A couple minor things I have left over

Revision 6311

OpenGL plugin: Should fix building with earlier versions of GLEW. You’ll still need the latest GLEW if you want to try dual-source blending.


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Dolphin SVN r6310

Revision 6310:

Fix an off-by-one error introduced in r6309.

Revision 6309

DX11: Fix ClearScreen properly this time. Should fix quite a few games (or break them :P)
Fixes issue 3399.

Also remove unnecessary stateman/gfxstate applies:
— gfxstate->ApplyState/Reset only need to be called by VertexManager
— stateman->Apply only needs to be called before any Draw/DrawIndexed call

Revision 6308

Fix a major speed regression from r6288:
Upon texture reloading, the cache entry hash wasn’t updated and thus we effectively disabled any texture caching in that case.


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Dolphin SVN r6307

Revision 6307:

Added a safer OpenCL shutdown procedure.

Fixes issue 3015.
Fixes issue 3089.
Fixes issue 3099.
Fixes issue 3360.

Revision 6306

OpenGL plugin: Support for dual-source blending, CURRENTLY DISABLED. It doesn’t work yet. To fix it, we may need to convert all our shaders to GLSL so that we can use glBindFragDataLocation.


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Dolphin SVN r6305

Revision 6305:

DX11: If the virtual XFB list overflows, replace the oldest XFB with a new one instead of just failing.

Revision 6304

Added the wait/sync back in the video thread on XFB swaps. Fixes issue 3391.
Changed the VI interrupts to occur on writes instead of reads.


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Dolphin SVN r6303

Revision 6303:

Fix another bug introduced by r6301: Using observer variables now to check for ring buffer wraps.
Small performance improvements by increasing the ring buffer size and using a better offset algorithm.

Revision 6302

Fix a small but severe and stupid bug introduced by r6301…

Revision 6301

DX11: Use a ring buffer in the utility functions for speedup.

Revision 6300

Main change: Implemented EFB pokes in DX9/DX11.
Games affected by this change: Mario Smash Football, Mario Strikers Charged Football, Monster Hunter Tri.
Other games possibly affected: Shaun White Snowboarding, Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Baten Kaitos.
This implementation will decrease performance if the game uses this feature, but the glitches will be gone. I’ll add an option for this in a later commit. EFB pokes are somewhat slow in DX11 right now, speed should be okayish in DX9 though.

Other changes:
— SOMEWHAT cleaned up the EFB access code in DX9
— Fixed incompatible parameter list of AccessEFB and TVideo_AccessEFB.
— Fixed a theoretical bug in ReplaceRGBATexture2D, add support for STAGING textures
— Removed unused parameters in various DX9 functions


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Dolphin SVN r6298

Revision 6298:

Applied the change from r6297 to the DX11 plug-in.

Revision 6297

VideoInterface and Progressive Scan fixes
The «Enable Progressive Scan» option in the Wii menu now controls whether the Wii/GC will detect a progressive scan display. This affects the timing of some games (both GC and Wii). Usually, the checkbox should be unticked as progressive scan displays require higher bandwidth.

This fixes the slow speed in NBA JAM. This also fixes the hang in Megaman Network Transmission. This should fix Deadly Creatures (turn off progressive scan).

Fixes issue 3314.
Fixes issue 3066.
Fixes issue 2571.


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Dolphin SVN r6296

Revision 6296:

Put infrastructure in place so that other plugins may support dual-source blending.

Revision 6295

Quick fix for Issue 2820 — build works on my system with or without this patch, but it doesn’t hurt.
Thanks Karloathian for the solution!


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Dolphin SVN r6294

Revision 6294:

DX11 plugin: Do destination-alpha in a single pass. No more drawing the same geometry twice! SMG is faster now because it uses destination-alpha extensively. This uses dual-source color blending, a DirectX 10-level feature. The equivalent OpenGL function comes from the GL_ARB_blend_func_extended extension, which was made core in OpenGL 3.3.

Revision 6293

DX11 plugin: Fix numerous Metroid Prime glitches. The «techno energy ball lighting» glitch is remains, however.

Revision 6292

DX11 plugin: Use a better mechanism to load vertex and index buffers; prevent a potential bug where triangles, lines, and points could fight over the same buffers

Revision 6291

Clarify texture cache code. Previously, there were THREE sets of texture dimensions, and it was hard to tell which set was for what purpose.
Now, there are two:
Real dimensions: Width and height of the original GameCube texture
Virtual dimensions: Width and height of the texture used by dolphin-emu’s renderer

Revision 6290

Goto’ing past variable initializations is undefined behavior.

Work around different gcc versions giving conflicting warnings
about signed/unsigned comparisons involving bit fields.

Revision 6289

Made it easer to use mouse/keyboard and a gamepad together on the same emulated wiimote. Renamed mouse buttons from «Button N» to «Click N» so they do not conflict with gamepad buttons.(hopefully not too ugly, mouse buttons will need to be reconfigured) (Fixes issue 3363)

Revision 6288

Merged common texture cache code from video plugins into VideoCommon. (DX11 native mipmaps currently broken, disabled) Hopefully everything else should still be working.


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