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Dolphin SVN r6426

Revision 6426:

Fix the no gui cmake build.
Add a version check for avcodec and swscale libraries.
Fix a bug in the xlib wiimote emulation button configuration. If you are using a mouse button for wiimote emulation you may need to adjust your settings.

Revision 6425

Cleaned up NetPlay a bit, fixed some UI text.

Revision 6424

Linux cmake build fix. I fixed the scons build as well, so this might fix the macosx build also.


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Dolphin SVN r6423

Revision 6423:

Tweaked the VBeam logic enough to fix Endless Ocean 2. This might also fix a few other games that have been black screening on boot recently.

Fixes issue 3472.

Revision 6422

Made the graphics plugins use a shared configuration dialog. There are a few minor issues: unsupported settings are shown, dx9 3d settings are missing, tabs/groups could be organized better, could use tooltips, cmake and scons need to be fixed.

Revision 6421

Changed macro for disallowing copy-ctor and =operator into an inheritable class. Removed IrPointer.ini (no longer used)

Revision 6420

Made LinearDiskCache a template class. Keys are now some POD type (fixed size). Eliminates casting and key size checking.


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Dolphin SVN r6412

Revision 6412:

Damn scons. Fix a indentation issue.

Revision 6411

Linux needs the -fvisibility=hidden flags. The font selection of the debugger segmentation faults without it. Since the font is selected when the application begins the debugger is rendered inoperable.

Revision 6410

OSX buildfix

Revision 6409

more work on dlist caching now should be a little faster
a little bugfix in vertex loading and some fixes.
not much time to work these days but at least i can spend a little time fixing thing.
please test for regressions.


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Dolphin SVN r6402

Revision 6402:

VideoCommon: An experimental fix for Issue 3493. Changed _mm_load_si128 to _mm_loadu_si128. I could not test the bug because I don’t have Sonic Colors.

Revision 6401

Recommend building wxWidgets statically so resulting Dolphin application bundles
will be easily redistributable.

Revision 6400

Allow building on OS X with static wx libs.

Revision 6399

Change the cmake check_lib routine to use REQUIRED/OPTIONAL instead of TRUE/FALSE.
Add a check to see if -Wno-unused-result is supported by the compiler.
Fix some compiler warnings in the wiiuse code.
Fix a bug in the wxGTK panic alert code.


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Dolphin SVN r6398

Revision 6398:

Simplify OpenCL compile-time detection on OS X.

Turn wiiuse io_osx.m into Objective-C++.

Revision 6397

Apparently, that SConstruct file was correct already…

Revision 6396

Don’t add wiiuse to CPPPATH in the main SConstruct file since it’s already done in the SConscript file for wiiuse

Revision 6395

Fix compiling wiiuse on with CMake and SCons
Also fix confusing formatting in a SConscript file

Revision 6394

move wiiuse to Source/Core and add to the main dolphin solution
make wiiuse link dynamically with hid.dll, removing the need for WDK
compile wiiuse as c++


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Dolphin SVN r6393

Revision 6393:

proper .libs fixing building problems under vs2008, x32 and x64. Please dont use vs2010 for buildings those static libs next time to keep compatibility under vs2008 atm.

Revision 6392

windows: update wiiuse libs, since logging functions were changed in common…

Revision 6391

Simplify GenericLog() for C/C++.

Revision 6390

Recommend a newer revision of wxWidgets which has a few useful fixes for us.

Revision 6389

DX11 plugin: Fix a small oversight


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Dolphin SVN r6385

Revision 6385:

Several little things.
The C version of the GenericLog was being used in both C and C++ branches of the code.
Parent panic alerts by the main_frame so that those windows get the icon too.
Fix a couple of compiler warnings.
Added some checks for libraries in the cmake build.

Revision 6384

add ProcessorInterface::Read16. wii64 uses this (by accident), but real hardware supports it, so why not.

Revision 6383

DSPHLE: Added an option for 48khz output and supporting upsampling code.

Games that have higher frequency sounds and music should sound a bit better using 48k.

I don’t have any games that use DTKMusic so that upsampling code untested. If you get strange sounds only at 48k try toggling dtk music to see if that isolates the problem and let me know.


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Dolphin SVN r6381

Revision 6381:

Added a projection hack for Metroid: Other M. This fixes the black screens that occur in cut-scenes. Patch by Trevor002.

Fixes issue 3477.
Fixes issue 3127.

Revision 6380

Fixed double game entries in the game list. This occurs when there are two or more games of the same name in different folders. Fix by Lostmoment.

Fixes issue 2857.

Revision 6379

Fix StringFromFormat hopefully for the last time. This should be more efficient than before. Thanks to shuffle2 for the windows code.


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