Dolphin SVN r6907

Revision 6907:

Fix the «Adjust window size» option on linux. Previously this option caused flickering when using render to main, and an application hang when stopping emulation via the GUI Stop button.

Revision 6906

DX11 code maintenance, part 5:
Move shader and input layout management from EmuGfxState to Vertex/PixelShaderCache and D3DVertexFormat.


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Dolphin SVN r6905

Revision 6905:

DX11 code maintenance, part 4:
Move blend state management from EmuGfxState to Renderer.

Revision 6904

DX11 code maintenance, part 3:
Move rasterizer state management from EmuGfxState to Renderer.

Revision 6903

DX11 code maintenance, part 2:
Move depth state management from EmuGfxState to Renderer.
Call stateman->Apply in Renderer::ApplyState instead of EmuGfxState::ApplyState.

Revision 6902

DX11 code maintenance, part 1:
Move sampler state/shader resource management from EmuGfxState to Renderer.

Revision 6901

fixed a couple of problems with UpdateFPSDisplay (DX9) (though it’s a trivial fix somebody else was probably about to make)

Revision 6900

Update Cg.framework to version 3.0.0015.

Revision 6899

Inform SCons of the svnrev.h dependency so it isn’t subject
to a race with the creation of Build/foo/Source/Common/Src.


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Dolphin SVN r6894

Revision 6894:

Use std::locale() on OS X and std::locale(«») elsewhere.

Revision 6893

Drop support for building on OS X 10.5. It is too much hassle to
work around the limitations of the no longer maintained Xcode 3.1.4
for Leopard. Running a 10.6-built app on 10.5 works fine through
through the use of the 10.5 SDK.

std::locale() seems to be the generally safer way to specify the
default locale and works on Linux and OS X at least. Thanks to
dasmetzelmaennchen for the pointer.

Remove some obsolete SCons related svn:ignores.


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Dolphin SVN r6890

Revision 6890:

Make sure the game list gets created with automatic starts.

When rendering to the main window, the wxGLCanvas should really
be owned by the DolphinWX code for it to be safely freed.
Hack around the problem by just hiding the canvas for now.

Revision 6889

Only update the game list when there may be changes to it.
When just starting and stopping emulation, just hide/show it,
but only if necessary because we are rendering to the main window.

Fixes issue 3460.


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Dolphin SVN r6888

Revision 6888:

Added an option in the game properties to disable the VBeam speed hack. This option may fix games which currently have an unusual FPS rate. For example, this option fixes the crackly audio in Tales of Symphonia. Leave this option turned off unless you’re noticing problems related to the FPS rate because it might slow down the emulator.

Removed the Alternate RFI option as it is no longer needed.


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Dolphin SVN r6887

Revision 6887:

Fix for the error Cannot Convert from charset Windows Japanese cp 932

caused by logwindow initializing the sjisconv in its constructor on systems which do not have the codepage installed (vlite)
fixes issue 3659

Revision 6886

Fix an issue where additional gamecube controllers were configured and not saved when dolphin is
translated. Fixes issue 3936.

Revision 6885

Disable the default PIC generation on OS X. This might make for a
minor performance improvement and also possibly make that platform a
little less prone to problems with ABI assumptions in the JIT code,
although I haven’t measured the first or seen signs of the latter.

Only the GL context needs to be specifically freed when shutting
down OpenGL. The GL canvas is implicitly freed by wxWindow.

Revision 6884

Allow opening a file and starting Dolphin on OS X by clicking
a document icon.

Don’t bother creating the game list until after an automatic
start has finished and with the -b option, not at all.

Revision 6883

Unmark a few strings that should not be translated.
Updated Greek, French, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian translations.
Added Turkish translations thanks to nlgzrgn.


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