Dolphin SVN r6815

Revision 6815:

Simplify the SSSE3 code for better understanding.
The end result is unchanged.

Revision 6814

For some reason the wxGLCanvas loses keyboard focus whenever the
full-screen mode is toggled, so we just re-set it afterwards.

Didn’t mean to include the version string in the status bar updates.

Revision 6813

Forgot to commit the alignment for opcode last time.
Also, alignment fix for dlist (thx cotton).

Hopefully no crashes now :)

Revision 6812

Use alignment for ReadDataU32XN. Revert james temp fix.
Should provide some form of a speedup.

Revision 6811

Print the performance status in exactly one place.

Placing the render window at position 0,0 makes it unmovable on OS X.

Use the conventional r1234 format for SVN revision numbers.

Delete mis-copied .svn directories from the application bundle.

Only warn about a failed low-memory allocation if one was requested.

Revision 6810

Add the last few languages added to the windows build.
Make pthreads linkage precise for the nowx build. Fixes issue 3875.
Fall back to pkg-config for gtk+-2.0 if cmake is version 2.8.2. That version has a bug that doesn’t detect gdk-pixbuf-2.0.


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Dolphin SVN r6804

Revision 6804:

Build mo translation files on all platforms. Had to import msgfmt executable in the Externals to do this on windows.
Save wxLanguage enumeration value in ini file so that users are not surprised when a language is added and dolphin-emu is suddenly translated in a different language.
Update Spanish, Korean, and Simplified Chinese translations.

Revision 6803

Properly resize the GL canvas on window changes with USE_WX and wx 2.9.

Fixes issue 2524.

Revision 6802

Use SSSE3 shuffle for DataReader’s DataReadU32xN in VideoCommon. The function is used for reading up to 16 u32’s at a time (512-bits) and then converting endianness.


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Dolphin SVN r6801

Revision 6801:

LLE JIT: The block linker will now recompile all blocks that it encounters immediately. Gives a speed boost in some games. Also removed an extraneous check for external exceptions.

Revision 6800

Add simplified Chinese translations thanks to thegfw.
Add Korean translations thanks to Siegfried.
Updated German translations from JackyCola, revised with suggestions from LucasX.
Updated Polish translations by Baszta.

Also updated the windows language target. We seriously need to find a way to get that target working for general users. Probably by importing parts of gettext in the externals. That way we don’t need the maintain the mo files in svn. It should be easy to implement this on OSX as gettext is in MacPorts.

Revision 6799

Lipo the ppc fat out of Cg to save some space.


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Dolphin SVN r6798

Revision 6798:

The r5799 workaround is no longer necessary with r6792 + r6795.

Revision 6797

Some more work on CMake on Windows:
— add support for precompiled headers with MSVC
— compile with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 and _LARGEFILE_SOURCE only for our sources, some dependencies seem to have problems with it enabled…
— disable -Wall for MSVC too prevent warning flood
— rename aes_cbc.c and aes_core.c to cpp files since it makes stuff a lot easier and there’s really no reason not to do it since they had been compiled as C++ before anyway

Revision 6794

some little optimizations and some cleaning.
now lighting should be fully functional again in SM 2.0 cards

Revision 6793

Generalize some __linux__ ifdefs for Unix/X11.

Revision 6792

Allocate low executable memory on OS X as on Windows and Linux.

Even with LoadStorePaired accounted for, there are still some
niggling 64-bit cleanliness bugs left that are not practical
to weed out on a single platform. We should probably have an
option to use >2GB memory only on all platforms for debugging.

Revision 6791

Changed the IOCTLV_READ_DIR function to use the replacements list.
It will now decode entities of unsupported FAT32/NTSC/etc characters in filenames to be returned, so that games such as HP:HBP won’t fail to find files containing such unsupported characters.

Unless there are still parts of code waiting for file name replacements, this should completely fix issue 3443…


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Dolphin SVN r6790

Revision 6790:

Worked around the Norwegian Bokm(?/aa)l issue.
Enhanced the gettextize script to update mo files for windows and osx. This script should be run any time that a new language is added (don’t for get to svn add the Data/Languages language subdirectory), and on occasion to update the language files with strings from the source code.
Added the Hebrew mo file for windows and osx (and update the others).

Revision 6789

TextureDecoder: Some misc clean ups. Backport code to SSE2 version. Remove redundancy in RGBA8 (5% speedup).

Revision 6788

Make langs in abc order
Playing a bit with hebrew


r6790 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6790 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6787

Revision 6787:

Go back to using FindGtk for the cmake build. The module is fixed with later versions of cmake. We may need to check the cmake version and fall back to pkg-config for those using older versions. Please test.

Revision 6786

Added some languages:
Added Norwegian Bokm?l thanks to KHRZ
Added Polish thanks to Baszta
Added Russian thanks to Kein

Also cleaned up the appearance of the GFX config dialog a bit, fixed a minor issue in the cmake build, and fixed the nowx build.

Revision 6785

Fixed language selection by adding English, leaving default as «» language. Removed languages which don’t have translations yet.
As side-effect, changed GameListCtrl sorting to use the configured IPL/GC language instead of the UI language, which is misleading with missing translations, and possibly wrong if we ever get translations that are not part of the GC ones.
In case we want the old behavior back, revert GameListCtrl.cpp and ISOProperties.cpp.

For translators: use either «» if your operating system is the same language as the one you’re translating for, or replace one of the others. Someone will add them to the list when they are committed.


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Dolphin SVN r6784

Revision 6784:

Refactor all the SSSE3 functions in TextureDecoder so that the cpu_info check isn’t looped over. Speeds up most textures dramatically (where it has previously slowed them).

Revision 6783

New SSSE3 implementation for I4 texture decode. 14% speedup over the previous SSE4 implementation (so it was scrapped).

Revision 6782

Add profiling (via oprofile) to the cmake build.

Revision 6781

From my last commit: Fix build on Linux. Use SSSE3 instead of SSE3.

Remove some unused vars from the SSE2 CMPR.

Revision 6780

fix for a error introduced in my last commit.

Revision 6779

New SSSE3 implementation of RGB5A3. About 40% improvement (less cycles) on the plain C version and 17% on the SSE2 version.


r6784 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6784 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6778

Revision 6778:

Fix alpha reads (hurray for the ZWW Pictograph quest and Killer 7)

Revision 6777

normalize the efb to texture process for color textures to make it work the same in all the plugins and with the same accuracy as real hardware (almost :))
please test for regressions and fixes.
some little changes to make pixel shader more dx9 sm2.0 friendly. the condition is not to use pixel lighting ( sorry no hardware support for the quantity of parameters needed).

Revision 6776

This needs to be in the right place to work for Скачать:

r6778 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6778 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6767

Revision 6767:

Use CPUDetect.h and bSSSE3 to fix «unknown machine instructions» on DX9 plugin.

Revision 6766

~93% speed improvement (over plain C++) in RGBA -> BGRA conversion for processors that support SSSE3 (Core or newer).
About 40% faster than the SSE2 implementation.

May not be required in future but good for reference.

Revision 6765

45% speed improvement in RGBA -> BGRA conversion over reference C code. This might turn out to be unnecessary once I refactor the CreateTexture2D/ReplaceTexture2D to call the texture decoder instead of vice-versa and have the SSE2 code convert directly to BGRA and write directly to the D3D allocated texture.
Need to investigate source texture alignment and where to introduce that, if it is possible.

Revision 6764

Add anvideo config option to automatically resize the render window to the size of the game’s output resolution. This avoids artifacts that appear when the render target is scaled to fit a window of a different size.


r6767 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6767 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6763

Revision 6763:

Added a few translatable strings.
Added German language translations. Thanks to JackyCola.
Added Italian language translations. Thanks to RebuMan.

Revision 6762

Missed one MSVC-ism. Should fix build for Linux. Last revision should still work for Windows. No functionality changes this time.

Revision 6761

Faster SSE2 optimized GX_TF_CMPR texture decoder which gets ~40% speed improvement on x64 and ~50% improvement on x86 as compared to reference C code.
The code now uses direct pointer access from C code to write the colors to the destination texture instead of trying to force them back up into an __m128i and a single write call. This is what produces the major speed-up.

Revision 6760


* Fixed a bug on Texture Converter when Copy EFB to RAM’s cache is disabled, so…

* …accordingly, I revert my latest commit because now it becomes useless.

Revision 6759

— add some more strings for translation, change others for easier translation (in case anyone knows a better way than _(«a») + wxString(wxT(«b»)), feel free to fix it).
— removed strings that shouldnt be translated.
— added gettextize script from glennrics to generate the .pot file; this excludes debugger-related strings which are usually not used by the end user anyways (again, less stuff to translate).


r6763 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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