Dolphin SVN r6551

Revision 6551:

DX9: Fix Renderer::SetLineWidth like hrydgard suggested ;)

Revision 6550

DX9: Build fix. Also removed the Renderer::SetLineWidth implementation since it wasn’t really useful.

Revision 6549

VideoCommon: Use integer arithmetic instead of floating point arithmetic when dealing with EFB scales.
Should fix problems caused by EFB scales other than Native (excluding fractional!). Test whether this fixes games which work fine with native EFB resolution but show glitches with higher internal resolutions.

Also fixed numerous warnings.


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Dolphin SVN r6546

Revision 6546:

Fixes/Cleanup for the MemcardManager.
Notable Changes:
Fixes right click menu in linux.
Fixes Issue 2412.
sram.raw file is no longer required to format a memcard
Update to use new ini sections, automatically remove default settings from ini file
enable pages setting no longer requires memcard manager to be reopened to take effect
it is no longer possible to switch to a negative page number

Revision 6545

Replace characters that NTFS and HFS can’t handle with ‘-‘. Should fix issue 3443.

Revision 6544

Make the cmake check_lib macro more versatile. It first tries pkg-config, and if that fails it then check for libraries and required headers. Also cleaned up the output a little bit.


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Dolphin SVN r6541

Revision 6541:

change filename of isocache to always include extension and filesize.
Fixes issue 3669.

Revision 6540

Use the proper type for printing the OpenAL default device name.

Revision 6539

Remove scons build instructions from the linux build wiki. The scons build is
broken and we no longer support it on linux. Too many users are complaining
about it not working. Use the cmake build instead.


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Dolphin SVN r6535

Revision 6535:

Cast size_t to unsigned long for printf to deal with (32-bit)
systems where size_t is typedef int.

It’s either this or use the C99 %zu but while we can probably
safely assume C99 compilers, I am not at all sure that that’s the
case for stdio libraries and this solution is fairly low-impact.

Revision 6534

Fix the nogui build on linux. The software plugin config dialog should not be built.
Fix the default wiimote emulation mouse button settings on linux.
Fix a little c++ operator precedence issue.

Revision 6533

DX11: Remove some dead code.

Revision 6532

CLRun is now used everywhere but OS X.

Revision 6531

Move NSAutoreleasePool handling into the proper entry/exit points
for the real wiimote thread as for the other threads.

Turns out we use OS X bluetooth API’s that were introduced in 10.5.4.

Remove vestiges of previously removed wiiuse_set_bluetooth_stack().

XXX We should probably have a Common equivalent of htonl and friends.

Revision 6530

Fix building with BBOX_SUPPORT enabled.


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Dolphin SVN r6522

Revision 6522:

allow gcc to check the format of args being passed to MsgAlert and GenericLog. Fixed nearly all warnings that arose from this, as well as some preexisting ones (some were actually crashes and/or bugs…)

Revision 6521

fix a crash that could occur in CompressedBlob.cpp

Revision 6520

little fix for r6517

Revision 6519

LLE JIT: Jitted another 8 DSP multiplier instructions (x64 only)

Revision 6518

little fix for r6513 thank to metatheos for finding the error


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Dolphin SVN r6517

Revision 6517:

two fixes in this commit:
first fix for issues introduced in sms in r6501, please test for a regressions in The Calling
Second Fix for Issue 3539, by making pixel Dept calculation an option. in games with this issue Enabling pixel depth will solve the issue, in other games disabling the option will not cause speed lost
some cleanup in dlist cache

Revision 6516

Reestablish *BSD build using CMake.


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