Dolphin SVN r7063

Revision 7063:

D3D9: Offset vertices used to copy textures by 0.5.

I __think__ this is the actually correct way to do it, but not sure. Someone please have a look at this…
Not sure if this changes anything anyway, since we’re using scissor rects to clip this stuff anyway… Maybe the screen edges weren’t cleaned properly before though.

Revision 7062

D3D9: Some fixes to EFB format reinterpretation. Should be more correct now.
Might fix issue 3780.

Revision 7061

D3D11: Implement EFB format reinterpretation.
Now someone port this to OpenGL please, kthxbye.

Fix some warnings, fix a wrong string, …

Revision 7060

Changed the hash algorithm to CRC32 utilising the SSE4.2 instruction. The algorithm will automatically be used for the Accurate Texture Cache, EFB to RAM and texture id’s when a SSE4.2 capable CPU is detected. It will fallback to the old algorithm if SSE4.2 is not detected. Using CRC32 speeds up the hash algorithm by around 2X.


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Dolphin SVN r7059

Revision 7059:

Change the audio sample rate setting to a numerical value. Fixes issue 4045. You may have to change the setting once after this commit to update your ini file from the string that was saved there before.
Update translation pot file to reflect recent gui changes, and update a few of the languages.

Revision 7058

— Fixing Windows builds

Revision 7057

Turn back on unit tests in SCons.

Revision 7056

In the SCons build, skip the generation of static libraries
and just operate on lists of object files instead.

This helps with LTO since LLVM/clang LTO is completely broken
by static libraries. It also helps identify symbol clashes
between components like the former plugins.

Many linkers also expect static libraries to form a strict DAG
which turns out be a difficult rule to uphold in practice,
especially since some of our platforms aren’t picky about this.

LTO builds currently appears to crash at runtime because of
the static wx libs.

Revision 7055

vs2010: fix videosoftware build

Revision 7054

should fix build for legacy windows build system…

Revision 7053

Remove OpenAL for windows.

Revision 7052

Fix the CMake build.

Prevent the PS3 HID crash until I can debug it.

AudioUnits are enabled by default.

Revision 7051

Removed the Lua script console and Externals/Lua. The script console was incomplete and no one was working on it.

Revision 7050

Use brute force to link the software plugin.

Not yet functional.


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Dolphin SVN r7048

Revision 7048:

Temporarily disable gecko codes when they fail to avoid infinite error messages.

Revision 7047

really fix debug/debugfast build

Revision 7046

log only when ::IsValidCodePage() fails (r6941)
fix debug/debugfast build on windows

Revision 7045

Thread affinity on OS X and *BSD.

Keep building the software plugin to prevent rot.


r7048 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7048 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r7044

Revision 7044:

Hopefully fix Windows build.

Revision 7043

Remove the global namespace a bit and remove some dead code.

Revision 7042

Fix nogui build, and fix a minor issue with the GFX config dialogs when backends are changed.

Revision 7041

Some more work on renaming variables and files to reflect that the plugins are no longer plugins.
Fix another minor issue with frame dumping.
Add the graphics config dialog button back to the main config.

Revision 7040

Fixed the DSP JIT timing when it is executing in a thread. This allows the Zelda ucode games to run when the «DSPLLE on thread» option has been enabled. However, the DSP Interpreter still hangs when this option is enabled.

* Tightened the timing between the CPU and the DSP in thread mode so that it works closer to how the non-threaded mode works. The CPU now waits for all of the DSP cycles to be exhausted before adding more cycles.
* DSP Idle skipping has been disabled as it messes up the timing when it is running in a thread.
* Checked for external interrupt requests before entering the dispatcher and inside the dispatcher loop
* Added a critical section around the mailbox read high function


r7044 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7044 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r7039

Revision 7039:

Remove PluginSpecs.h. Merge the few needed enums from that file into Common.h for now. I am up for suggestions on a better place for those.
Fix frame dumping on linux.
Make sure that on screen messages get cleared between games.

Revision 7038

* Better fix for CPUID (and this time is the right time)

Revision 7037

* Quick CPUID fix
— this should fix a detecting problem related to some AMD CPU

Revision 7036

Fix a hang on emulation shutdown on linux.


r7039 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7039 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r7035

Revision 7035:

VS2008 build fix

Revision 7034


Revision 7033

Add the translation files to the MSVC 2010 build.

Revision 7032

vs2010: Enable LTCG only for release builds.

Revision 7031

Fix the auto window resize option to take into account if the log/console window is open.

Revision 7030

Fixed vs2010 SVNRevGen project. (Also changed «make_svnrev.h.vbs» to jscript and gave it some comments :p) Removed some old plugin stuff.


r7035 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7035 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r7024

Revision 7024:

Tooltips in the graphics config dialog now work on linux.

Revision 7023

Finally get tooltips in config main to work on linux. When controls are contained in a wxStaticTextBox they must be created before the wxStaticTextBox is created, otherwise tooltips don’t work. This is probably a bug in wxWidgets.

Revision 7022

fix all build targets (they’ve all built here — you may have to manually delete the intermediate directories if you have conflicts after this commit).
set the debug path to $(TargetDir)

Revision 7021

Capture the display before switching the display resolution so other
windows under the fullscreen one won’t get resized to fit a lower
fullscreen resolution.

Revision 7020

Fix the DSPLLE debugger window refresh without including wxWidgets in the core.

Revision 7019

D3D9: Fix anisotropic filtering.


r7024 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7024 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r7018

Revision 7018:

vs2010 wxw project filters, converted from vs08 projects.

Revision 7017

VS2008 build fix

Revision 7016

vs2010: buildfix for debugfast, silence all C4996 warnings.

Revision 7015

Eliminate some trampoline functions.

Revision 7014

VS2010: Actually make SVNRevGen be processed all the time. Had to add a dummy output file, or VS would ignore it.

Revision 7013

svn eol-style:native on the filters…

Revision 7012

vs2010 add filters for everything (…except wxw projects…). Try to fix SVNRevGen, but I’m not sure it’s working…


r7018 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7018 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6991

Revision 6991:

Build fix: a bogus include was added in r6988.

Revision 6990

Terminate a C string.

Revision 6989

Remove the PIC linker flag for DSP on linux.
Fix some debugger issues. Still need to get sound window working, but the invalid id panic alert is fixed.
Also, a «;» as a comment in an ini file is now only allowed at the beginning of a line. The debugger has settings strings with semicolons in them. That completely broke the debugger.

Revision 6988

Move async checking for pressed keys into Host_GetKeyState()
and use wxGetKeyState on platforms other than Windows.

I am not sure if wxGetKeyState is unreliable on Windows or if
the use of GetAsyncKeyState() is simply historical, but for now
I’ve left the Windows call in there just in case.

This does mean that Host_GetKeyState() is currently only valid
for the small set of keycodes that overlap between wx and Win32,
one of which is VK_TAB/WXK_TAB.

Anyway, please test wxGetKeyState on Windows and remove the
ifdef if it works, so we can extend it to the remaining hotkeys.

Revision 6987


Revision 6986

Be more flexible about hotkey modifier permutations.

Open .ini files with TextEdit on OS X since wx has no binding.


r6991 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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