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Dolphin SVN r6225

Revision 6225:

Slightly adjust z-values calculated in the vertex shader so OGL does not clip the
final rendering of (at least) Sonic Unleashed.

This should be (nearly) invisible in Z16 depth copies and in games, but there is
some chance that it collides with other such border cases. There probably is some
room to decrease the adjustment but 9999999/10000000 is not enough. A static offset
may be an option, too. I don’t know if the game can/does set something like that.


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Dolphin SVN r6224

Revision 6224:

i know still a lot to fix and much work to do but sometimes experiments are fun :)
for all the plugins implemented per pixel lighting, this will make games that uses lighting a lot nice. (just look at mario sunshine and compare :))
for dx9: implemented temporal anaglyph stereo: just grab your red-cyan glasses and enjoy.
stereo calibration: use stereo separation ( distance of the point from you are looking) and Focal Angle: the angle necessary to focus in one particular object.
this settings are different in every games as they use different depth ranges.
please for any regression and bug introduced by this commit.
if you ask why i did not implement stereo in dx11 and opengl the reason is one: they don’t work right when i have more time will try to find a way to make them work.

Revision 6223

Jit64/JitIL: Implemented simple function inlining for speedup.


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Dolphin SVN r6221

Revision 6221:

Forget about something. :p

Revision 6220

Fix «Plugin_VideoMerge» dependencies.

Revision 6219

Some work on merging the video plugins: Added a new plugin to the solution(shouldn’t build by default) which combines the DX9, DX11, and OGL plugins with their common code merged (and some things temporarily removed). In it’s current state the plugin is hardly usable. Perhaps someone with knowledge of the video plugins will be able to fix the things I have broken more easily than me(or point me in the right direction). I will continue to work on it as well.

Main Issues:
DX11 is functional with a ~2MB/s mem leak.
OpenGL/DirectX9 have a black display while game runs. (DirectX 9 flashes good display on emulation stop)
Too many virtual function calls. (once everything is working, I will work on removing them)
Won’t build on non-Windows in its current state. (mainly EmuWindow will need changes for Linux/OS X)
Probably other stuff.


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Dolphin SVN r6218

Revision 6218:

Plugin_VideoOGL: X11: Add another display connection to keep the two threads from
eating each others events.

Manifests itself in GPU thread waiting forever for a reply in GL library code(and thus
a frozen emulation). Most of the time, this can be resolved by creating more events
(clicking, changing focus), but sometimes it stays stuck.

Revision 6217

Make shader for copying from depth buffer to texture more resilent against precision loss.

The theoretical result is slightly different to the original shader because the
final adjustment is to the range [0/255..255/255] instead of

The real result is vastly different on some gpus that were giving incorrect results
of bits 23..16 (y-component) wrapping around while bits 31..24 (z-component)
stayed the same, and bits 31..24 changing while in the middle of the value range
for bits 23..16 for large depth values.

This should fix issue #3123.


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Dolphin SVN r6214

Revision 6214:

New Wiimote Plugin: buildfix and minor tweak.

Revision 6213

New Wiimote Plugin: Added a real wiimote «Pair Up» button on Windows for the Microsoft bluetooth stack, like the old plugin. The PairUp function was copied from the old plugin and cleaned up. (Mostly untested because I’m not using the MS stack) Please test. Other minor changes to emu-wiimote and DInput. (Perhaps the «Refresh» button should call PairUp() followed by Refresh() to make the dialog simpler.)


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Dolphin SVN r6212

Revision 6212:

ControllerInterface: DirectInput: Added support for Ramp and various Periodic force types. Only Constant forces were supported prior. (only partially tested due to lack of hardware) This may improve performance for those experiencing emulated wiimote slowdowns when using DInput rumble.

Revision 6211

Silence some compiler warnings that have accumulated.

Revision 6210

Jit64/JitIL: Fixed the constant value used to control block merging.

Revision 6209

Fxied the build error in r6207.

Revision 6208

Fix a segmentation fault if «Change Disc…» is selected and then the file chooser is cancelled.

Revision 6207

Jit64/JitIL: Corrected address information used for speed hack. This commit will prevent slow down with block merging in some games.


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