Dolphin SVN r6991

Revision 6991:

Build fix: a bogus include was added in r6988.

Revision 6990

Terminate a C string.

Revision 6989

Remove the PIC linker flag for DSP on linux.
Fix some debugger issues. Still need to get sound window working, but the invalid id panic alert is fixed.
Also, a «;» as a comment in an ini file is now only allowed at the beginning of a line. The debugger has settings strings with semicolons in them. That completely broke the debugger.

Revision 6988

Move async checking for pressed keys into Host_GetKeyState()
and use wxGetKeyState on platforms other than Windows.

I am not sure if wxGetKeyState is unreliable on Windows or if
the use of GetAsyncKeyState() is simply historical, but for now
I’ve left the Windows call in there just in case.

This does mean that Host_GetKeyState() is currently only valid
for the small set of keycodes that overlap between wx and Win32,
one of which is VK_TAB/WXK_TAB.

Anyway, please test wxGetKeyState on Windows and remove the
ifdef if it works, so we can extend it to the remaining hotkeys.

Revision 6987


Revision 6986

Be more flexible about hotkey modifier permutations.

Open .ini files with TextEdit on OS X since wx has no binding.


r6991 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6991 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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