Dolphin SVN r6630

Revision 6630:

On OS X, we claim all keyboard events while emulation is running to
avoid wxWidgets sounding the system beep for unhandled key events
when receiving pad/wiimote keypresses separately from HID devices.

Revision 6629

Fix shadowing like in DX9..
Not sure if the previous commit broke anything, but better be safe..

Revision 6628

Avoid shadowing variables.

Revision 6627

Various ClearScreen fixes.
Will fix some games and break some others.
Assist trophies in SSBB work fine now, Super Mario Sunshine is a little broken again.
Still needs some more work…

Revision 6626

Forgot committing the changes to VideoConfigDiag.h in r6625…

Revision 6625

Add an option to toggle caching EFB->RAM copies.
skid_au had implemented this in a previous revision and enabled it by default, but it caused glitches if STC wasn’t set to «safe» (which kinda defeated the purpose since it slowed down stuff again).

Also renamed the «safe texture cache» to «accurate texture cache», since setting the «safe» texture cache to «safe» sounds kind of silly..


r6630 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6630 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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