Dolphin SVN r6586

Revision 6586:

Build fix for OSX.

Revision 6585

LLE JIT: Added simple block linking at immediate CALL’s and JUMP’s. The code checks if the block being jump to has already been compiled and jumps there if it has, bypassing the dispatcher. This results in a speed-up of around 7 — 10%.

Revision 6584

Fixed the «Locked threads to cores» option properly. Thanks to ernesto and xenofears.

Revision 6583

Linux build fix.

Revision 6582

* Optimised the updating of g_dsp.pc in the compile loop (code by kiesel-stein)
* Added JIT version of LRI (code by kiesel-stein)
* Added JIT versions of the branch instructions (code by Jack Frost)
* DSP_SendAIBuffer fix (code by Mylek)
* Marked instructions that update g_dsp.pc in the DSP table and updated PC based on the table (speed up)
* Fixed the signed bits not being set properly in the addr instruction
* Created a MainOpFallback function to use interpreted versions of the instructions if necessary (code by kiesel-stein)
* Disabled the jit versions of subarn and addarn as they are slowing down NSMBW

The above work in both x86 and x64 modes.

Revision 6581

When the gfx debugger is saving shaders make sure the directory exists.
Make sure the gfx debugger unpauses when the emulator is stopped.
When a wad is installed make sure directories exist.
For the cmake build if a header is not provided in the check_lib macro don’t check for it, and assume pkg-config was supposed to work.


r6586 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6586 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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