Dolphin SVN r6554

Revision 6554:

BIG FIFO Commit PART 1! Sometimes you need to write everything from 0, so 10 days later Ive rewrited some parts of the FIFO in Dual Core mode. Is pending use the same code for SC mode.
— Improved the GP Register Status: now this is all the time from the fifo loop.
— Improved the Interrupts manage:
1) Removed All UpdateInturrupts from CommandProcessor Writes and Read.
2) now the CP interrupts are schedule from the video thread and the fifo loop waiting until this happens
3) considering Inmediate mode for the CP interrupts
3) Implemented Interrupt CP Cache State
4) Implemented only Overflow interrupt in GatherPipeCheck because this need to be detected quickly.
— Implemented Overflow handling like a real HW, when Hiwatermark interrupt happens this write ClearRegister with True en HI and False in LO (FifoIntReset) after that a Control Register is writed and the FIFO is processed to LO Watermark.
— Removed all ugly code from LO and HI watermark manage
— Removed all ugly code from BP manage
— Change >= by == in the BP clauses
— Removed speed hack (1024 chunk) for better GP Status Control.
— Commented GXSetGPFifo very soon hack
— Commented FackWatchDog hack
— Commented FIFO_RW_DISTANCE = WritePointer hack

This is the beginning and the base for the future., If this broke your favorite game my apologize, only report this and will try solve it. If you have a Overflown don’t worry, I’ve implemented the real solution code using the Overflow Interruption only need continue working for a perfect protection. Why I did it? Because is preferable a accurate and clean fifo instead hack y fifo for improve that. Thanks to DONKO for you awesome Video Plug in and skid for the chatting. PD: I have 7-10 fps more in the star fox video. bye :P


r6554 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6554 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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