Dolphin SVN r6470

Revision 6470:

Corrected the FIFO breakpoint clause in the FIFO loop. This fixes Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll and Pokemon XD.

Revision 6469

Edited wiki page DolphinUbuntuPackages through web user interface.

Revision 6468

Add multisampling support.
EFB access doesn’t work with MSAA enabled, yet.

Additionally clean up some stuff, fix a memory leak, …

Revision 6467

Linux build fix for the windows build fix in r6465. I tested this on both windows and linux.

Revision 6466

* Updating Linear DiskCache version in reflection with changes introduced in r6463


r6470 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6470 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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