Dolphin SVN r6364

Revision 6364:

Fix the annoying gap in the OpenGL configuration dialog in the «General» tab between «Use Real XFB» and «Wide screen hack».
Also link the dolphin-emu executable against GL in the cmake build. Why? This seems to fix the segmentation fault on stop issue. Although curiously enough, linking the dolhpin executable against the system shared library SOIL fixes the problem too. It doesn’t work with the static version of SOIL build in the externals. The reason the problem disappeared with the scons build is that the executable is implicitly linked against GL since the linker flags are set up to be thrown in everywhere.

Revision 6363

Setup opencl to work like most of the other externals. Autodetect native shared libraries and if not found fall back to the static libs built from the externals.
Also some general clean up of the main CMakeLists.txt file. I think it is nice to keep the checks and analysis of the results together.

Revision 6362

General cleanup to 3D Vision hack, fits in more with the Dolphin coding style now. Also, fixed the crash that would occur when using a mouse button with 3D Vision enabled.

Not sure how to fix Dolphins hotkeys when 3D Vision is enabled (I do know a way, but it’s messy and I don’t want 3D Vision messing with Dolphin’s cleanliness).


r6364 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6364 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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