Dolphin SVN r6294

Revision 6294:

DX11 plugin: Do destination-alpha in a single pass. No more drawing the same geometry twice! SMG is faster now because it uses destination-alpha extensively. This uses dual-source color blending, a DirectX 10-level feature. The equivalent OpenGL function comes from the GL_ARB_blend_func_extended extension, which was made core in OpenGL 3.3.

Revision 6293

DX11 plugin: Fix numerous Metroid Prime glitches. The «techno energy ball lighting» glitch is remains, however.

Revision 6292

DX11 plugin: Use a better mechanism to load vertex and index buffers; prevent a potential bug where triangles, lines, and points could fight over the same buffers

Revision 6291

Clarify texture cache code. Previously, there were THREE sets of texture dimensions, and it was hard to tell which set was for what purpose.
Now, there are two:
Real dimensions: Width and height of the original GameCube texture
Virtual dimensions: Width and height of the texture used by dolphin-emu’s renderer

Revision 6290

Goto’ing past variable initializations is undefined behavior.

Work around different gcc versions giving conflicting warnings
about signed/unsigned comparisons involving bit fields.

Revision 6289

Made it easer to use mouse/keyboard and a gamepad together on the same emulated wiimote. Renamed mouse buttons from «Button N» to «Click N» so they do not conflict with gamepad buttons.(hopefully not too ugly, mouse buttons will need to be reconfigured) (Fixes issue 3363)

Revision 6288

Merged common texture cache code from video plugins into VideoCommon. (DX11 native mipmaps currently broken, disabled) Hopefully everything else should still be working.


r6294 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6294 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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