Dolphin SVN r6187

Revision 6187:

Added a speed hack for the MMU games. The speed hack is enabled by default. «Enable BAT» in the game properties enables the old accurate emulation behaviour.

Revision 6186

jiggle includes in hci.h/l2cap.h: msvc <= 9 doesn't provide stdint.h Revision 6185 Linux build fix. Also fixed a couple of compiler warnings (one in SystemTimers.cpp that was an actual bug too!). Revision 6184 std::string needs rather than .

Also some minor cleanup.

Revision 6183

Added an option «Alternate RFI» to the Game Properties to enable alternate interrupt timing. Try enabling this option if a game hangs, works only in the Interpreter or Dolphin crashes. This option fixes Die Hard: Vendetta and Medabots Infinity.

Fixed the interpreter to execute instructions in the right number of cycles. It used to execute all instructions in one cycle.

Added a trace function to the interpreter making it easier to determine differences between the interpreter and the recompilers.

Removed the «Enable self modifying code check» as it was not useful.

Fixes issue 2407.


r6187 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6187 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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