Dolphin SVN r6154

Revision 6154:

Major overhaul to input recording, including fixing major desyncs during playback and a small bug in the .DTM file format. Like netplay, some emulator options (specifically dual core and idle skipping) can cause desyncs, and the more your plugin options are similar to the ones used during recording, the more likely playback will sync.

Also, input movies are now linked to savestates instead of just selecting a file to save to and running a game and are exported at a later time. This allows you to easily continue a recording across sessions and makes rerecording possible.

Revision 6153

Remove more obsolete code

Revision 6152

JitIL: Modified «LoadDouble» with SSSE3 to improve the performance. The code is ported from Jit64.

Revision 6151

JitIL: Fixed the Issue 3114. The bug was introduced because the usage of MOVSD/MOVSS was wrong. MOVSD/MOVSS don’t clear the upper bits when they are used to transfer between registers. But they clear the upper bits when they are used to transfer between a register and memory.

Revision 6150

I’m an 100% scons noob but I think this fixes r6149, although it seems that the repository revision isn’t appearing correctly (only happening with me?).

Revision 6149

fully implemented display list cache with vertex data included and added in all the plugins.
still experimental, not totally optimized but must bring a nice speed up
please test for regressions an error. an please Linux people fix scons :)


r6154 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6154 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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