Dolphin SVN r6131

Revision 6131:

JitIL: Partially reverted r6110 (andcx, norx, orcx, nandx, and eqvx) to fix the bug reported in Issue 3097.

Revision 6130

JitIL: Commented out folding rules which are not tested. This commit is for the check of the bug reported in Issue 3097. The bug was introduced in r6110 by myself. In r6110, I added a function to convert andx, nandx, andcx, orx, norx, orcx, xorx, and eqvx into IRs. It is clear that the function has the bug. However I could not find the bug in the function. Then I thought there may be bugs in folding rules in IRBuilder because there are some untested folding rules which fold and, or, xor, etc. (This is also written by myself. I’m sorry.) I tested some folding rules and commented out the other untested rules.

Revision 6129

Optimised the JIT cache lookup in JIT and JITIL. Gives a <5% speed-up in GameCube games. Wii games and GC games+MMU get a smaller speed-up. Cleaned up some code in the JIT and memory functions. Скачать:

r6131 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6131 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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