Dolphin SVN r6000

Revision 6000:

Fixed the crash that occurred while loading and saving states. This change freezes the system while a save state is being made or loaded, ensuring that the sub-systems (e.g. CPU and GPU) is in a consistent state when the save-state is created. Removed the clearing of the JIT cache as invalidated memory would sometimes be jumped to from the block descriptors, causing the crash. Removed the saving of the old JIT unlimited icache from the state as this now serves only as transient data to track what has been compiled in the JIT (and it took up a lot of space). The icache is now saved inside the PPCState.

Fixes issue 2964. (I hope)

HAPPY 6000th!!!

Revision 5999

Removed the hackery that was being done with the plugin configuration dialogs on windows. That was unnecessary and ugly. The HWND type is dead for non windows. Also cleaned up the gui a little.

Revision 5998

Add fifoWait property of Event Object to SaveStates.

Revision 5997

New Wiimote Plugin: Keep track of the io_write report sizes instead of just sending MAX_PAYLOAD bytes. (Should fix the issues of my last commit)

Revision 5996

Oops, removed one too many.

No need to autoconf for libusbhid — all USB-capable BSD’s have it.


r6000 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6000 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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