Dolphin SVN r6327

Revision 6327:

DX9/DX11: Fix and simplify ClearScreen. At least fixes a small glitch in Super Mario Sunshine with DX11, might fix several other things as well in both plugins though (so test this, please!)
Explanation of this commit: We only have to care about four BP registers in ClearScreen, the remaining API state should be reset. The colorEnable and alphaEnable parameters are obsolete, for some reason directly using them caused the SMS glitch with DX11 (because of that bpmem.zcontrol.pixel_format == PIXELFMT_RGBA6_Z24 check in BPFunctions.cpp, is this one actually correct?)

The comment in BPFunctions.cpp was at least misleading (if not even wrong), so I removed it.

For what it’s worth, someone needs to port this to the OpenGL and Software plugins (unless they’re doing this properly already)

Revision 6326

Add an experimental CMake build system as a possible replacement for SCons. Only tested on Linux, should work on OS X and Windows in the future as well though.

Some notes about this:
– config.h doesn’t get written yet, so you’ll have to use one generated by SCons
– dependency checking isn’t really implemented, yet. Just some basic checks for OpenGL or ALSA, we need something more sophisticated though.
– the OpenGL plugin fails to load for some reason which I can’t debug right now due to the libc debuginfo package version in openSUSE not matching the runtime packages
– there’s even some support for generating install packages (rpm/deb/.. packages, NSIS installer, etc). It doesn’t work properly right now though, since some paths seem to be hardcoded into Dolphin’s source
– probably lots of other stuff I forgot… Just take a look at all the TODOs in the CMakeLists.txt files for more information ;P

Additionally, I added various files to the svn:ignore list.

tl;dr: Unless you are a dev or you’re building binary packages, this commit shouldn’t bother you :P


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Dolphin SVN r6325

Revision 6325:

Core/DSPCore: Extended opcode handling fixes

* Make writeToBackLog private to DSPIntExtOps.cpp
(JIT variants of ‘l and ‘ln are disabled and broken as is)
* Make zeroing of the backlog conditional on doing an interpreter fallback and
do it at a few more places
* Fix selection of cleanup for extended opcodes.
* Fix the DSP unit tests to correctly emit the function prolog/epilog
(else EBX wouldn’t be saved)
* Add a few more DSP unit tests


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Dolphin SVN r6324

Revision 6324:

Attempt to fix real wiimote delay issues experienced by some. (Issue 3428)

Revision 6323

Only enable shader dumping in Debug/DebugFast builds since the required information isn’t available in Release builds due to performance reasons.

Revision 6322

DX9, Debugger: Implement pixel/vertex shader and texture dumping.


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Dolphin SVN r6321

Revision 6321:

Remove vestiges of standalone memcard manager build.

Revision 6320

remove standalone MemcardManager, now has its own repo
add some svn:ignores (windows build dirs)

Revision 6319

VideoCommon: Properly upscale the mantissa of some fog params.
Might fix games with minor gfx glitches, try e.g. Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy 2.


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Dolphin SVN r6314

Revision 6314:

More robust way of building on 10.6 for a 10.5+ target.

Revision 6313

Properly emulate the alpha read pixel engine register function (used for EFB peeks).

Revision 6312

A couple minor things I have left over

Revision 6311

OpenGL plugin: Should fix building with earlier versions of GLEW. You’ll still need the latest GLEW if you want to try dual-source blending.


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Dolphin SVN r6310

Revision 6310:

Fix an off-by-one error introduced in r6309.

Revision 6309

DX11: Fix ClearScreen properly this time. Should fix quite a few games (or break them :P)
Fixes issue 3399.

Also remove unnecessary stateman/gfxstate applies:
– gfxstate->ApplyState/Reset only need to be called by VertexManager
– stateman->Apply only needs to be called before any Draw/DrawIndexed call

Revision 6308

Fix a major speed regression from r6288:
Upon texture reloading, the cache entry hash wasn’t updated and thus we effectively disabled any texture caching in that case.


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Dolphin SVN r6307

Revision 6307:

Added a safer OpenCL shutdown procedure.

Fixes issue 3015.
Fixes issue 3089.
Fixes issue 3099.
Fixes issue 3360.

Revision 6306

OpenGL plugin: Support for dual-source blending, CURRENTLY DISABLED. It doesn’t work yet. To fix it, we may need to convert all our shaders to GLSL so that we can use glBindFragDataLocation.


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Dolphin SVN r6305

Revision 6305:

DX11: If the virtual XFB list overflows, replace the oldest XFB with a new one instead of just failing.

Revision 6304

Added the wait/sync back in the video thread on XFB swaps. Fixes issue 3391.
Changed the VI interrupts to occur on writes instead of reads.


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