Dolphin SVN r7124

Revision 7124:

vs2010: add debugfast configs for wxw (now debugfast links faster!). clean up wxw projects a lot.

Revision 7123

Experimental commit and one fix for my last commit.
I think that isFifoBusy bring better sync with VI (video interface) because the CPU emulated threads are waiting for DrawDone in BP Register. So, I do some modifications.
1) Rename «IsFifoBusy» by «isPossibleWaitingSetDrawDone»
2) Only activate isPossibleWaitingSetDrawDone when bFF_GPLinkEnable is true in fifo loop «Inmediate mode» that is because in theory this drawsync function is using in this mode.
3) Deactivate isPossibleWaitingSetDrawDone also in SetFinish in PixelEngine, beside when 32 block is finish.

Please regression in yours games thats can bring some FPS more above all with VPS frame limiter ON (Auto, 60, 50, etc).

— Fix waiting in AbortFrame(), please test mp1/mp2 is fixed again.

Good look!

Revision 7122

vs2010: add debugfast configs for all projects except wxw…will do those soon.


r7124 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7124 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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