Dolphin SVN r7063

Revision 7063:

D3D9: Offset vertices used to copy textures by 0.5.

I __think__ this is the actually correct way to do it, but not sure. Someone please have a look at this…
Not sure if this changes anything anyway, since we’re using scissor rects to clip this stuff anyway… Maybe the screen edges weren’t cleaned properly before though.

Revision 7062

D3D9: Some fixes to EFB format reinterpretation. Should be more correct now.
Might fix issue 3780.

Revision 7061

D3D11: Implement EFB format reinterpretation.
Now someone port this to OpenGL please, kthxbye.

Fix some warnings, fix a wrong string, …

Revision 7060

Changed the hash algorithm to CRC32 utilising the SSE4.2 instruction. The algorithm will automatically be used for the Accurate Texture Cache, EFB to RAM and texture id’s when a SSE4.2 capable CPU is detected. It will fallback to the old algorithm if SSE4.2 is not detected. Using CRC32 speeds up the hash algorithm by around 2X.


r7063 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7063 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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