Dolphin SVN r7059

Revision 7059:

Change the audio sample rate setting to a numerical value. Fixes issue 4045. You may have to change the setting once after this commit to update your ini file from the string that was saved there before.
Update translation pot file to reflect recent gui changes, and update a few of the languages.

Revision 7058

— Fixing Windows builds

Revision 7057

Turn back on unit tests in SCons.

Revision 7056

In the SCons build, skip the generation of static libraries
and just operate on lists of object files instead.

This helps with LTO since LLVM/clang LTO is completely broken
by static libraries. It also helps identify symbol clashes
between components like the former plugins.

Many linkers also expect static libraries to form a strict DAG
which turns out be a difficult rule to uphold in practice,
especially since some of our platforms aren’t picky about this.

LTO builds currently appears to crash at runtime because of
the static wx libs.

Revision 7055

vs2010: fix videosoftware build

Revision 7054

should fix build for legacy windows build system…

Revision 7053

Remove OpenAL for windows.

Revision 7052

Fix the CMake build.

Prevent the PS3 HID crash until I can debug it.

AudioUnits are enabled by default.

Revision 7051

Removed the Lua script console and Externals/Lua. The script console was incomplete and no one was working on it.

Revision 7050

Use brute force to link the software plugin.

Not yet functional.


r7059 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7059 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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  1. Sett

    некоторые игры подобия Wario World стали не коректно работать -точно знаю что эмулятор не так его эмулирует -раньше было лучше так как когда марио попадает на карту его почемуто выбрасует на другой уровень -по возвращению на нужный уровень -таже проблема !!!!!!!!!! чтото не правильно стало работать в коде !!! но раньше я тестировал на english версии-может это из за самого перевода на russian??

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