Dolphin SVN r7044

Revision 7044:

Hopefully fix Windows build.

Revision 7043

Remove the global namespace a bit and remove some dead code.

Revision 7042

Fix nogui build, and fix a minor issue with the GFX config dialogs when backends are changed.

Revision 7041

Some more work on renaming variables and files to reflect that the plugins are no longer plugins.
Fix another minor issue with frame dumping.
Add the graphics config dialog button back to the main config.

Revision 7040

Fixed the DSP JIT timing when it is executing in a thread. This allows the Zelda ucode games to run when the «DSPLLE on thread» option has been enabled. However, the DSP Interpreter still hangs when this option is enabled.

* Tightened the timing between the CPU and the DSP in thread mode so that it works closer to how the non-threaded mode works. The CPU now waits for all of the DSP cycles to be exhausted before adding more cycles.
* DSP Idle skipping has been disabled as it messes up the timing when it is running in a thread.
* Checked for external interrupt requests before entering the dispatcher and inside the dispatcher loop
* Added a critical section around the mailbox read high function


r7044 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r7044 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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