Dolphin SVN r6914

Revision 6914:

Fix the nogui build. Don’t show the Xrandr logs in release builds. Fix flickering in fullscreen when using the auto window size option and not rendering to main.

Revision 6913

Removed extra space character in «Use FPS For Limiting». Changed «Frame Stepping» to «Frame Advance». Some minor preprocessor cleanup.

Revision 6912


Revision 6911

revert my optimizations until i fix some errors and really fix issue 3976

Revision 6910

Migrate the «Adjust window size» option to the main configuration dialog (under the «Display» tab, in «Emulator Display Settings», after «Window Size»). Also rework the way that the option works. When using render to main and the auto resize option, the application window will be resized and then resized back when the emulator stops. This looks much better than the box in the corner look before. Also only resize when it would actually change the size of the window. This fixes the hang on emulation stop on linux.

Revision 6909

Make CDolLoader a bit more c++ish, make wii dols be detected by the presence of a mfspr x, HID4.

Revision 6908

little fix for issue 3976.
some optimization for vertex color loading, please test for any change in game color, this is a optimization so nothing should change :)


r6914 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6914 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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