Dolphin SVN r6839

Revision 6839:

Check DSP ROM hashes. Fix the ROMs not actually being write protected.

Revision 6838

Removed my previous PanicAlert translation hack. Fixed with a better method suggested by BhaaL. The translation is done by a callback in the MsgHandler routine that is set at program start. Added macros PanicAlertT, SuccessAlertT, PanicYesNoT, and AskYesNoT that are identical to the non T versions except those strings will be added by gettext to the po files to be translated. These can and should be used anywhere in the code for strings that should be translated.

Revision 6837

Quick fifo commit:

* Change the process ProcessAllDistace to ClearRegister
* Fix a bug in ProcessFifoEvents() in commandProcessro (thanks Skid)
— The last 2 items should be improve the speed lost in r6572 and maybe improve a little bit because ProcessFifoEvents() is right. (Test car selection in GxZero)
* Alliviate Fifo desyncs, In the meant time I still Researching for real solution. (This fix RE0 again and maybe others
«FIFOs linked but out of sync» and «GFX FIFO: Unknown Opcode (0x%x).\n» games suffers these for desync.)

Revision 6836

Executable memory above 2GB is okay on a 32-bit machine.

Fixes issue 3913.

The underlying problem, however, is that PanicAlert GUI popups
are broken on 32-bit Linux. I haven’t looked into why that is.

Revision 6835

Audio Mixer: Corrects reversed stereo in LLE and reversed stereo from DMA audio in HLE.

Fixes Issue 3713


r6839 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6839 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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