Dolphin SVN r6787

Revision 6787:

Go back to using FindGtk for the cmake build. The module is fixed with later versions of cmake. We may need to check the cmake version and fall back to pkg-config for those using older versions. Please test.

Revision 6786

Added some languages:
Added Norwegian Bokm?l thanks to KHRZ
Added Polish thanks to Baszta
Added Russian thanks to Kein

Also cleaned up the appearance of the GFX config dialog a bit, fixed a minor issue in the cmake build, and fixed the nowx build.

Revision 6785

Fixed language selection by adding English, leaving default as «» language. Removed languages which don’t have translations yet.
As side-effect, changed GameListCtrl sorting to use the configured IPL/GC language instead of the UI language, which is misleading with missing translations, and possibly wrong if we ever get translations that are not part of the GC ones.
In case we want the old behavior back, revert GameListCtrl.cpp and ISOProperties.cpp.

For translators: use either «» if your operating system is the same language as the one you’re translating for, or replace one of the others. Someone will add them to the list when they are committed.


r6787 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6787 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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