Dolphin SVN r6763

Revision 6763:

Added a few translatable strings.
Added German language translations. Thanks to JackyCola.
Added Italian language translations. Thanks to RebuMan.

Revision 6762

Missed one MSVC-ism. Should fix build for Linux. Last revision should still work for Windows. No functionality changes this time.

Revision 6761

Faster SSE2 optimized GX_TF_CMPR texture decoder which gets ~40% speed improvement on x64 and ~50% improvement on x86 as compared to reference C code.
The code now uses direct pointer access from C code to write the colors to the destination texture instead of trying to force them back up into an __m128i and a single write call. This is what produces the major speed-up.

Revision 6760


* Fixed a bug on Texture Converter when Copy EFB to RAM’s cache is disabled, so…

* …accordingly, I revert my latest commit because now it becomes useless.

Revision 6759

— add some more strings for translation, change others for easier translation (in case anyone knows a better way than _(«a») + wxString(wxT(«b»)), feel free to fix it).
— removed strings that shouldnt be translated.
— added gettextize script from glennrics to generate the .pot file; this excludes debugger-related strings which are usually not used by the end user anyways (again, less stuff to translate).


r6763 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6763 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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