Dolphin SVN r6739

Revision 6739:

small fix for lle-int

Revision 6738

Look for the DSP ROM files in Sys/GC as before before trying User/GC
to allow both system-side (also Windows) and per-user installations.

The IPL ROM is another candidate for this, but I don’t have an
image to test with.

Perhaps a more general solution would be to just phase out the Sys
directory. As used for data which would have been available in ROM
or flash on the real hardware, it really contains two classes of
files that are both read-only during emulation:

— Settings and font files, which can be freely distributed
— ROM files which must be obtained from the user’s own GC or Wii

Since the two could be freely put together on Windows without any
problems and with the users of that platform being resistant to
change, it may be easiest to just treat Sys as another directory
to be copied from the application bundle into User/Sys at startup
on non-Windows.

Revision 6737

D3D9: Fall back to just creating a depth surface instead of a depth texture if the latter one isn’t supported by the hardware.

This is a workaround for issue 3256.

Revision 6736

Some minor tidying of the OS X audio and wiimote code.

Revision 6735

Retire the workaround for wxWidgets using the Objective-C reserved
keyword «id» in the public auibar.h header.

You now need at least r66546 of wxWidgets to build on OS X.

Revision 6734

Move the expected location of the DSP ROM files from Sys/GC to User/GC.

These files are acquired from the hardware ROM by the individual user,
who does not normally have write access to Sys on Linux and OS X.

If you currently have these files in Sys/GC, just move them to User/GC
(~/Library/Application\ Support/Dolphin/GC on OS X).


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r6739 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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