Dolphin SVN r6692

Revision 6692:

TextureDecoder.cpp: new SSE2 optimized GX_TF_I8 decoder. Probably not ultimately optimal SSE2 code, but provably better (on my machine) than the memset version. Tested with __rdtsc counts in an independent project. I get about 6-7 FPS more on average during the intro movie playback in Mario Kart Wii. Hope this compiles for GCC okay.
TextureDecoder.cpp: merged two functionally identical decode5A3RGBA and decode5A3rgba methods.
OpcodeDecoding.cpp and DLCache.cpp: optimization for GX_LOAD_XF_REG. The PSUHFB solution sounds better for SSSE3, but this is a small win for the default case.

Revision 6691

LLE Int: (addr add/sub/inc/dec)

Adjusted the code work without ToMask.
This code should be functionally identical for all inputs to the previous code.

Revision 6690

Fix issue with LinearDiskCache where only new files could be written to, Append() would fail on previously existing cache files.


r6692 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6692 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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