Dolphin SVN r6668

Revision 6668:

Yet another ClearScreen fix, should be the last one now.
Should fix almost all regressions of the recent ClearScreen changes and keep the fixed stuff.
The Super Mario Sunshine glitch is caused by another issue and will be addressed in my next commit.

Revision 6667

Core/DSPCore: Improve Interpreter address register add/sub, convert to
assembler for JIT. Replace JIT ToMask() with a different variant. Remove
superfluous zeroWriteBackLog calls(added by me).
Core/Common: Don’t bother creating a string and calling into a Logs trigger()
when there is noone listening. Change AtomicLoadAcquire for gcc to just
make the compiler not reorder memory accesses around it instead of doing
a full memory barrier, per the comment in the win32 variant.
Core/AudioCommon: Fix a use of uninitialized variable inside libalsa.

Microbenchmarking results for ToMask variants:(1 000 000 000 iterations):
cpu\variant| shifts | bit scan
intel mobile C2D@2.5GHz | 5.5s | 4.0s
amd athlon64x2@3GHz | 6.1s | 6.4s
(including some constant overhead identical to both variants)


r6668 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6668 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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