Dolphin SVN r6666

Revision 6666:

little fix for my last commit

Revision 6665

Ops! Little fix for my prior commit.

Revision 6664

Second Experimental commit:
corrected peek color and peek z to correctly emulate real hardware formats.
implements native gamma correction.(i don’t own any game that uses this functionality so i will appreciate feedback)
i need a lot of feedback in this changes please

Revision 6663

First Experimental Commit:
make some changes to the Clear code. please test a lot , the point of this commit is to determine the correct behavior of the efb clearing so feedback is welcome

Revision 6662

More FIFO work, HACK Solution for extreme overflow on breakpoints.

1) What is the FIFO? The fifo is a ring queue for write (CPU) and read (GPU) the graphics commands.
2) What is the Brakpoints? The breakpoint is the FIFO mark to allow parallel work (CPU-GPU) When the GPU reached the breakpoint must stop read immediately until this Breakpoint will be removed for the CPU.
3) What is an overflow? The CPU write all room FIFO possible, and like a ring overwrite commands not processed yet.
4) ?Why you have an overflow? In theory should not have an overflow never because the fifo has another mark (High Watermark) When the CPU Write reach this mark raise a CP interruption and the FIFO CPU WRITES should stop write until distance between READ POINTER AND WRITE POINTER will be equal to another mark (LO Watemark to prevent and overflow.
5) ?So if impossible why you have overflows? Simple, the CP interruption is processed later and the Overflow happens. (there is a lot of theories about this)
6) ?Why is no so simple like when CPU WRITE POINTER is near to the end of the FIFO only process pending graphics command?
Because when this happens sometimes we are in BREAKPOINT and is IMPOSIBLE process the graphics commands.

— This HACK process the pending data when CPU WRITE POINTER is 32 bytes before the end of the fifo, and if there is a Breakpoint force the situation to process the commands and prevent an overflown.
In theory you have not see «FIFO is overflown by GatherPipe nCPU thread is too fast!» anymore. But if you have a hang in game where you had this please read the NOTICE LOG in user\logs, I’ve added this message «FIFO is almost in overflown, BreakPoint» when the hack is activated. (I will delete this message very soon)

Good Luck!! PD: Shuffle sorry for the large commit description :P


r6666 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6666 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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