Dolphin SVN r6600

Revision 6600:

ABI fix for Linux x64. ABI_CallFunctionCC16 was not calculating the jump distance on far calls.

Revision 6599

LLE JIT: Added another 9 DSP Load/Store instructions to the JIT. Fixed a couple bugs in the 32bit and Linux builds.

Revision 6598

Fixed the throttle (Tab) key so that it takes effect when the frame-limiter is used. Hold down Tab to run the emulator unthrottled (Windows only).

Revision 6597

Helps to add the new code to the repository.

Revision 6596

* Added jit versions of 5 DSP LoadStore instructions: srs, lrs, lr, sr, si
* Renamed MainOpFallback to Default for consistency in naming with JIT64
* Made ext_dmem_read and ext_dmem_write more generic for wider use
* Optimised dmem_read and dmem_write slightly
* Added dmem_read_imm and dmem_write_imm optimised versions

Revision 6595

Core/DSPCore: Fix more memory accesses for linux x64
Core/Common: Add more asserts for too large displacements


r6600 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6600 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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