Dolphin SVN r6591

Revision 6591:

System Menu Region is now detected based on the Title Version in tmd
Title Version and region char of currently installed system menu are now listed in the menu as well

Which means disc channel will only show pal discs if it is a pal nand dump; ntsc nand dump will show ntsc discs, ntsc-j nand dump will show ntsc-j discs

Revision 6590

sys menu now loads gamesettings from an ini file (as well as any other wad/nand title that does not have an ascii gamecode)

fixes system menu loading the ini file from the last run game

also check for all countries when setting bntsc for wad/nand titles

Revision 6589

LLE JIT: Used a reiterative approach to linking blocks. The JIT flags blocks that have calls to blocks which have not yet been compiled. After more blocks have been compiled, the JIT reattempts to link the flagged blocks. This is repeated until the minimum number of unlinked blocks are left. This increases the success rate of the block linker and resultant speed up. Based on an idea by nakee.

Revision 6588

Rename variable in WiiSaveCrypted for icc.
Changes file dialog to show *.bin for wii save import instead of data.bin
Move Sram dumps to Sram.cpp and change default FlashID
Fixes issue 3711.
Fixes issue 3042.


r6591 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6591 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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