Dolphin SVN r6535

Revision 6535:

Cast size_t to unsigned long for printf to deal with (32-bit)
systems where size_t is typedef int.

It’s either this or use the C99 %zu but while we can probably
safely assume C99 compilers, I am not at all sure that that’s the
case for stdio libraries and this solution is fairly low-impact.

Revision 6534

Fix the nogui build on linux. The software plugin config dialog should not be built.
Fix the default wiimote emulation mouse button settings on linux.
Fix a little c++ operator precedence issue.

Revision 6533

DX11: Remove some dead code.

Revision 6532

CLRun is now used everywhere but OS X.

Revision 6531

Move NSAutoreleasePool handling into the proper entry/exit points
for the real wiimote thread as for the other threads.

Turns out we use OS X bluetooth API’s that were introduced in 10.5.4.

Remove vestiges of previously removed wiiuse_set_bluetooth_stack().

XXX We should probably have a Common equivalent of htonl and friends.

Revision 6530

Fix building with BBOX_SUPPORT enabled.


r6535 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6535 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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