Dolphin SVN r6352

Revision 6352:

Optimised EFB copy to RAM.

The finding was that 99% of the time, textures are static in memory. However, Dolphin would pessimistically continue to decode and copy the same texture every time. The optimisation is to check if the texture matches what is in the cache, and if it does, Dolphin should early exit.

The result is the speed in New Super Mario Bros Wii increased 35% with spinning coins. Still not as fast as EFB copy to texture though.

Revision 6351

Added checks for portaudio and opencl to the cmake build system.

Revision 6350

Missed a needed -fPIC.

Revision 6349

Edited wiki page Linux_dependencies through web user interface.
Remove dbg packages from dependency list. If someone knows how to debug they
should know to install those. This is not a how to debug dolphin on linux wiki.
Also removed the runtime libraries in the list. Those are automatically
installed if the development headers are installed. Added some missing optional
dependencies and cmake.

Revision 6348

Fixed retrieval for WiiWare.

Fixes issue 3438.


r6352 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6352 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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