Dolphin SVN r6256

Revision 6256:

Some stuff which was still lying around on my hard disk:
— Add a sanity check in CRenderFrame::MSWWindowProc. Possibly reduces the risk of a crash when starting a game and immediately closing the emulation window when using the DX9 plugin.
— DX11: Add the resource usage as a parameter to CreateQuadVertexBuffer, possibly to be used in the future.
— reduce the size of the EFB access buffers from 4×4 to 1×1 since they needn’t be bigger anymore
— some fixes to the recent hires commit.

Revision 6255

DX11: Add texture dumping and hires texture loading support.

Not sure if hires textures are working perfectly, yet, so test this, please.

Revision 6254

Fixed hires textures not scaling. Also increased max size of custom textures to 2048×2048.

Revision 6253

Fixes issue 3295.


r6256 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6256 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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