Dolphin SVN r6252

Revision 6252:

Add Turntable.cpp to SCons build.

Set native eol-style on recently added files.

Revision 6251

Added support for PAL-R (Russia) ISO detection. Fixes issue 2575.

Revision 6250

InputCommon(GCPad/WiimoteNew): Fixed issue when inifile didn’t exist, defaults were loaded, and input didn’t work. Fixed prob in DirectInput(hopefully doesn’t break any other gamepads): buffered data wasn’t ever being used. WiimoteNew: Hopefully made emulated swinging better(please comment). Added (completely untested) incomplete emulated turntable(DJ Hero) extension support :p. Deleted some files that I meant to delete in my last commit.

Revision 6249

Merged identical VertexManager code from DX9/DX11/OGL plugins into VideoCommon. Still need to merge VertexManager::Flush (will be easier after TextureCache is merged). Purposely using a class/virtualfuncs rather than a namespace so multiple VertexManager can be in one plugin (VideoMergeNew? :p).

Revision 6248

Core/Common: Automatically emit a MOV in ABI_CallFunction* when the function
pointer cannot be reached by 32bit displacement.

RAX is caller save and non-parameter in all 64 bit ABIs, so it should be safe
to clobber it on function call.


r6252 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6252 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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