Dolphin SVN r6136

Revision 6136:

Further optimised the JIT cache lookup. Attempted to fix the Wii games in ICC builds.

Revision 6135

JitIL: Restored some instruction handlers reverted in r6131. If this revision does not introduce the bugs reported in Issue 3097 and r6127, the cause of the bugs is the wrong implementation of «mtcrf» which was fixed in r6134. If not, there are other bugs. I will revert again. Any way, they were my fault. I’m sorry for all.

Revision 6134

JitIL: Fixed the wrong implementation of «mtcrf». (The bit order was reverse…) This commit may fix the bugs reported in Issue 3097 and r6127. (I could not test them because I don’t have the games which are reported.)

Revision 6133

Fix RTC to report the correct system time in Wii and GC titles as reported in Issue 1817

Modify GetLocalTimeSinceJan1970 to account for DST.
GetGCTime() returns only GC epoch time(used by most Wii titles.)
IPL-DEV subtracts Wii bias before copying to m_RTC(mostly used by homebrew.)

Revision 6132

My first commit!
Done some refactoring around the PowerPC stuff. Main changes:

* Declared CPUCoreBase class
* Wrapped the interpreter into a class and made both it and JitBase inherit from CPUCoreBase
* Avoided reinitializing interpreter’s and Jit’s tables

A great deal of this work was done by nodchip, so kudos to him :-)
To finish, please forgive me for my not-so-great english.


r6136 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6136 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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