Dolphin SVN r6083

Revision 6083:

I’ve observed that «FIFO is overflown by GatherPipe» is not real overflow.
Really that happens because the fifo.CPReadWriteDistance is negative.
Example: CPReadWriteDistance: -864 CPEnd: 10092672 fifo.CPBase: 9568416
In SMG this is because PI_FIFO_RESET is writing and after fifo.CPReadWriteDistance will be setted to 0.
To Prevent that, I’ve Implemented AbortFrame function in the CommmandProcessor. It should fix overflown because of that.
Note: There is other issue (Issue 2846) where the fifo.CPReadWriteDistance is negative too but the effect is different.
I’m working to solve this.

Revision 6082

New Wiimote Plugin: Added a «Hybrid Wiimote» input source type. This allows a real wiimote to be used with an emulated extension.(and in the future, real wiimote with emulated motion plus) If the emulated extension is set to «None», a real extension can be used. Real/Emulated buttons are combined. Real acceleration data is used. Currently, emulated IR data is used.(might change this to allow both) Switching between an emulated and a real extension in-game is a bit testy right now, but if you switch the emu-extension to «None» before connecting a real extension, it usually works.

Revision 6081

Take care of some compiler warnings from unused variables, and a little code cleanup.

Revision 6080

Revert r6076 and r6077 since they broke x64 builds

Revision 6079

Edited wiki page through web user interface.


r6083 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6083 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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