Dolphin SVN r6036

Revision 6036:

* Fixed a careless mistake of mine with SetJumpTarget
* Changed ABI_PARAM back to ECX/EDX. Thanks for the tip, Soren
* Reverted r6035

Revision 6035

Revert parts of r6032 that break OS X and probably other non-Windows
platforms as well. It would seem that ABI_PARAMx will have to be
used more consistently elsewhere to match up with a change to use
them here.

Not sure yet why I still need the final section of Jit64::stX.

Revision 6034

MMU Speed Optimisations:

* Un-cleaned the Load/Store code. I think this will fix the stability issues from r6032
* Added memory exception checking to a couple more JIT FPU instructions
* Optimised the 64bit fast memory access slightly
* Optimised the MMU speed hack.

The rest of the speed optimisations from r6032 have been retained.

Revision 6033

make «show pc» in dsp lle debugger actually work again
code cleanup in Hash.cpp

Revision 6032

MMU Speed Optimisations:

* Added memory exception checking to JIT instructions
* Cleaned up Load/Store code (thanks dok.slade)
* Consolidated memory access routines
* Fixed graphics corruption in some games (dcbz instruction)
* F-Zero GX in 32bit JIT mode now works
* Removed temporary slow hack in JITIL (introduced in r4839)


r6036 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6036 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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