Dolphin SVN r6006

Revision 6006:

Experimental: Implement skid’s MMU Demand Paging in JitIL.
This one needs a lot of testing, since I don’t have any games that need it, except Rogue Leader (GSWP64) — and I didn’t do more «testing» than watching the stormtroopers dance due to speed reasons (altho it seems twice as fast as JIT for me; it does spit out a lot more warnings too)

btw, ITS OVER 6000!!111

Revision 6005

Added a self modifying code option in the game properties. Turn this on for Monster House and other games that hang or show memory errors. Turn it off for everything else. This fixes Legends of Wrestling.

Revision 6004

Quick fix to get Monster Hunter Tri working.
Minor changes resulting from code review comments.

Revision 6003

Modal windows must be closed with EndModal(), not just Destroy()’ed.

wxFD_FILE_MUST_EXIST cannot be used with wxFD_SAVE.

Revision 6002

Fix a mistake in the menu from revision 5999.

Revision 6001

Use the portable SLEEP() macro in place of Sleep().

r5998 fixes the Center() problem in plugins on OS X.


r6006 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r6006 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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