Dolphin SVN r5995

Revision 5995:

Use .cpp suffix when detecting libraries. On some systems, g++
is required to correctly link with C++ libraries like wxw.

Tell OS X that the user is doing something when using the wiimote
so that the screensaver doesn’t come on when playing a Wii game.

Replace unnecessary floating point with integer math.

Remove unnecessary ‘s.

Correct a few type nits.

Revision 5994

Implemented MMU Demand Paging
* Emulated correct behaviour of DSI and ISI exceptions
* Added memory exception checks
* Added fast TLB cache implementation (written by booto)
* Added «Enable MMU» option in the game properties
* Renamed old TLBHack to «MMU speed hack»

Thanks to booto (PowerPC) and nash (testing) who spent many weeks of their time helping me make this work. Also thanks to shuffle2 for finding and converting the map file of the original target.

There are two options for MMU emulation found under the game properties. «Enable MMU» is the accurate emulation option. «MMU speed hack» is the old TLBHack renamed. Most games will work with one or the other. Some games can work with both options ticked.

Only the JIT recompiler and Interpreter work with the MMU code. JITIL is not supported (too hard for me to add).

The speed optimised code still needs a lot more work and is disabled for now.

Fixes issue 2546
Fixes issue 2583
Fixes issue 2704

Revision 5993

New Wiimote Plugin: Added a real wiimote io_write queue like the old plugin. A combination of locks and lack of a write queue were the cause of the real wiimote slowdown. — new plugin should work as good as the old one with real wiimotes now.(but still lacking a pairup button) Other stuff: Disabled execution of Gecko Codes when Dolphin has cheats disabled.(fixes issue 2971) Allow the range of an input to be increased to 500% (will make ps3 controller’s tilt more usable)


r5995 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r5995 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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