Dolphin SVN r5966

Revision 5966:

Some refinements to (r5955+r5962+r5964):

Don’t rely on trailing /’s in directory names.

Destdir only works for global builds.

Only tar up global builds if they are in a destdir to
avoid SCons eating all available memory indexing /usr.

Print current status of shared_foo in ‘scons -h’.

Revision 5965

Just a small thing that I forgot to change earlier.
The new default wiiuse wiimote read timeout of 30ms has been overridden previously by the default 10ms from the wiimoteplugin.

Revision 5964

Fix scons stuff broken in revision 5962. The prefix must be conditional on whether the build is global or local. Help should be shown after tests are performed so that the actual values reported are not just an echo of the default values. The bundle is separate from the destdir option.

Revision 5963

Fixes issue 2958 / 2960
Removed wiiuse linkage to common.lib and removed inclusion of log.h(r5944) under windows, since it’s obviously causing problems.

Revision 5962

More SConstruct cleanup.

Revision 5961

Make Cg conditional on those platforms for which it is available.
Of course, this doesn’t do much good without another shader compiler..

WIP of OS X application bundle building.


r5966 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r5966 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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