Dolphin SVN r5892

Revision 5892:

Fix issue 2836: static local variables are evil.

If you want to celebrate this commit, what about playing _TWO_ rounds smg or something? ;P

Revision 5891

Move sampler state setting outside the drawQuad utility functions.
Use linear filtering for various buffer copies, improves visual quality a lot.

Some other tiny changes as well.

Revision 5890

Dependency cleanup in DX9.
Dynamically load a d3dx9 dll at runtime (I tested Dolphin with the first d3dx9 dll and it even worked fine there).
Should fix the flood of users asking why they can’t select the DX9 plugin :P

Compilers should be able to stop bundling cgD3D9.dll now.

Minor changes in DX11.

Revision 5889

Fix an issue that made it so that the emulator could not be resized in the nowx build on linux. Also some code cleanup in the OpenGL and Software plugins.

Revision 5888

Since apparently no one feels like fixing SMG FIFO overflows, commit iceman4love77’s fix. No idea if it works or what it does, he seemed pretty confident that it works though.

Only fail once if EFB pokes are requested in DX9/DX11.


r5892 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r5892 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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