Dolphin SVN r5884

Revision 5884:

This is basicall linux code cleanup. We don not need to pass the X display handle from the video plugin anymore. The wiimote plugins now open their own display handles, and the GUI uses the display handle of the main window frame. Only the window handle from the video plugin is needed. The pWindowHandle variable now passes this instead of the display handle.

Revision 5883

some more minor optimizations introduced by aavindraa, i only corrected evaluation order using some ().

Revision 5882

include the MP compiler option, which will allow for faster compiling + some minorly stuff :p

Revision 5881

DX11: fix mem leak on closing a game (Fixes issue #2836, thanks to aavindra)

Revision 5880

New Wiimote Plugin: Moved Linux cursor position code into ControllerInterface/Xlib. (absolute cursor position can be mapped to something other than IR camera) (code fixed by Glennrics) Put the UDP Wiimote dialog’s Update Buttons,Update IR,Update Nunchuk… checkboxes in an «Update» group box. Fixed some Linux config dialog problems. (thanks Glennrics again) Some other minor cleanup in ControllerInterface. (changed some std::string/stringstream to char[] where possible) Removed a warning in DX11 plugin.


r5884 x86 – скачать, зеркало

r5884 x64 – скачать, зеркало

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