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Dolphin SVN r6200

Revision 6200:

Clear m_TitleIDs when opening Device_ES (Fixes Issue 3205)

Revision 6199

Emulation accuracy improvements

* Implemented HID4.SBE flag
* Implemented but disabled MSR[IR] and MSR[DR]
* In-lined ISI exception calls
* Fixed and verified exception handling according to docs
* Code clean-up in the memory functions

Revision 6198

allow multiple titles on sysmenu versions > 3.0


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Dolphin SVN r6197

Revision 6197:

addendum to last commit: forgot files outside the /Externals/GLew directory…

Revision 6196

update GLEW on windows to 1.5.6 (and any platform that builds from source)
remove glx stuff that we weren’t using

Revision 6195

Update Cg for windows to 3.0.0007

Revision 6194

Update the Cg framework for OS X to version 3.0.17.

Tested with ATI 2600 and NVidia 9400 graphics.

I have not updated the header files. There doesn’t appear to be any
obvious interface changes for OS X, but the same might not be true
for Windows.


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Dolphin SVN r6193

Revision 6193:

Jit64/JitIL: Enabled block merging to improved the performance. This improves the fps 4-5 faster in some games. However it decreases the fps 10 slower in other games, MP2 and etc. In this commit, the actual block merging is disabled. If you want to try block merging, please set FUNCTION_FOLLOWING_THRESHOLD to a positive integer.
Increased the size of code buffer to prevent cache clearing with block merging.


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Dolphin SVN r6191

Revision 6191:

Hackfix launching pal games from discchannel (cause was missing tik for ios required by game)
when sysmenu asks for tik of a ios give it its own tik

Update issue 3186
it should work now :)

Revision 6190

call DIVerify when a wii game is launched directly by dolphin (adds tmd+uid)
after this revision, wii save manager (< 3.0) should show any saves on the emulated nand fixes an old issue with GetTitleID fixes issue 1716. Скачать:

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Dolphin SVN r6189

Revision 6189:

Implement parts of DIVerify that can be useful. (copy tmd to emulated nand for disc titles)
correct some parts of uid.sys as disc title ids are included
title in uid + tmd on nand is how the sysmenu knows which save files to look for.
IE games that are displayed in the disc channel at least once and have a save file will be
viewable in the sysmenu save manager

Revision 6188

Added support for recording multiple GameCube controllers at once.

Fixed recording playback to automatically enable/disable the correct controllers.


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r6189 x64 – скачать, зеркало

Dolphin SVN r6187

Revision 6187:

Added a speed hack for the MMU games. The speed hack is enabled by default. “Enable BAT” in the game properties enables the old accurate emulation behaviour.

Revision 6186

jiggle includes in hci.h/l2cap.h: msvc <= 9 doesn't provide stdint.h Revision 6185 Linux build fix. Also fixed a couple of compiler warnings (one in SystemTimers.cpp that was an actual bug too!). Revision 6184 std::string needs rather than .

Also some minor cleanup.

Revision 6183

Added an option “Alternate RFI” to the Game Properties to enable alternate interrupt timing. Try enabling this option if a game hangs, works only in the Interpreter or Dolphin crashes. This option fixes Die Hard: Vendetta and Medabots Infinity.

Fixed the interpreter to execute instructions in the right number of cycles. It used to execute all instructions in one cycle.

Added a trace function to the interpreter making it easier to determine differences between the interpreter and the recompilers.

Removed the “Enable self modifying code check” as it was not useful.

Fixes issue 2407.


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Dolphin SVN r6182

Revision 6182:

Some work towards launching by titleid rather than content path,
update some var names in WII_IPC_HLE_Device_fs, filter out some spam logs from VolumeCommon

Revision 6181

JitIL: Implemented 64-bit access in StoreDouble for speed up.

Revision 6180

Added PSRLD/PSRLQ/PSLLD/PSLLQ support to x64Emitter

Revision 6179

remove frivolous comments in WII_IPC_HLE_Device_usb.cpp which must’ve been there since the code was copy-pasta created ;p

Revision 6178

remove an ERROR_LOG that was left in from r6177 which could be annoying

Revision 6177

Fix wiimote in homebrew
Marginally speed up old wiimote plugin by doing less memcpys
A lot of changes went into the bt dongle emulation, so please test for regressions :)


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Dolphin SVN r6176

Revision 6176:

oops, left in some code and typo with the attempted ios reload fix

Revision 6175

Work towards implementing ES_LAUNCH
returning to installed wii menu from a disc based game is working
however wiimote does not work
launching title from the wii menu has a similar issue
only tested photo channel 1.1, channel loads but wiimote does not work
as before launching channels requires sysmenu < 3.0 and you can change between sys menus via extracted wads by installing any version IE if 4.2 is installed, right click on 2.0 wad in the gamelist and install to wiimenu and right click on 4.2 wad and install to go back to menu 4.2 Скачать:

r6176 x86 – скачать, зеркало

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