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Dolphin SVN r6448

Revision 6448:

Fix ogl screenshots for windows.
Fix the macosx build (perhaps).
This changes the JitIL timed profiling to using assembly language to obtain the time. It does seem to be faster. Not sure if it will work on macosx, but if it does it has the necessary precision that gettimeofday does not have.

Revision 6447

Implement JitIL profiling on linux. I also tried implementing __rdtsc using assembly and didn’t really see a speed improvement so went with clock_gettime.
Also changed other gettimeofday calls to clock_gettime, which is supposedly more accurate.


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Dolphin SVN r6443

Revision 6443:

JitIL: Removed ENABLE_JITIL_PROFILING macro and added an entry in setting file.

Revision 6442

JitIL: Implemented a simple time profiler. Unfortunately, this is currently for windows only. Please fix it.

Revision 6441

Fix for issue 3507. Compile with old GLEW versions, support user-specified CFLAGS and link plugins to all the used libs.

Revision 6440

Build missing BPFunctions.cpp with SCons.

Revision 6439

Edited wiki page Linux_dependencies through web user interface.


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Dolphin SVN r6438

Revision 6438:

Encode framedumps in AVI format on linux as on windows. This adds the additional dependency of libavformat-dev. Remember if you want raw framedumps as before add -DENCODE_FRAMEDUMPS=OFF to the cmake command line.

Revision 6437

Fix some opengl errors. Thanks to rodolfo for telling me how to fix it. He is at work or he would do it.


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Dolphin SVN r6436

Revision 6436:

The usual linux build fix. I am starting to sound like a broken record.

Revision 6435

Fixed RealXFB being enabled when XFB box is unchecked. Moved some shared code into VideoCommon. Renamed EFBCopyDisable setting to EFBCopy”Enable” in the code and inifile. Fix DX11 settings not loading. Fixed Issue 3378.(graphics settings dialog displaying gameini settings in game)

Revision 6434

cmake build fix. Don’t blame Billiard for this one. He asked me to test his patch and I missed this.

Revision 6433

Move some shared gfx plugin code into VideoCommon. Changed “Renderer” class to use virtual functions. (setting stuff up for video plugin merging)

Revision 6432

Oops. Forgot the primary file.

Revision 6431

Add the video software plugin to the cmake build system.


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Dolphin SVN r6430

Revision 6430:

Make it possible to build even if the source no longer contains svn versioning information. To use it add “-DDOLPHIN_WC_REVISION=exported” to the cmake command line. Of course you can replace “exported” with whatever you like. Fixes issue 3517.

Revision 6429

Make Linux/MacOSX system checks correct in the cmake build. UNIX is true on both linux and osx. The cmake build probably still doesn’t work on MacOSX though.
Also added an option to explicitly disable building with MPG framedumps. To use it add -DENCODE_FRAMEDUMPS=OFF to cmake on the command line.

Revision 6428

Build fix. Remove some obsolete code. Fix some compiler warnings.

Revision 6427

make Audio Interface more clear. Should have no behavioral changes. The comment block in AudioInterface.cpp lays out how real hardware is…


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Dolphin SVN r6426

Revision 6426:

Fix the no gui cmake build.
Add a version check for avcodec and swscale libraries.
Fix a bug in the xlib wiimote emulation button configuration. If you are using a mouse button for wiimote emulation you may need to adjust your settings.

Revision 6425

Cleaned up NetPlay a bit, fixed some UI text.

Revision 6424

Linux cmake build fix. I fixed the scons build as well, so this might fix the macosx build also.


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Dolphin SVN r6423

Revision 6423:

Tweaked the VBeam logic enough to fix Endless Ocean 2. This might also fix a few other games that have been black screening on boot recently.

Fixes issue 3472.

Revision 6422

Made the graphics plugins use a shared configuration dialog. There are a few minor issues: unsupported settings are shown, dx9 3d settings are missing, tabs/groups could be organized better, could use tooltips, cmake and scons need to be fixed.

Revision 6421

Changed macro for disallowing copy-ctor and =operator into an inheritable class. Removed IrPointer.ini (no longer used)

Revision 6420

Made LinearDiskCache a template class. Keys are now some POD type (fixed size). Eliminates casting and key size checking.


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Dolphin SVN r6412

Revision 6412:

Damn scons. Fix a indentation issue.

Revision 6411

Linux needs the -fvisibility=hidden flags. The font selection of the debugger segmentation faults without it. Since the font is selected when the application begins the debugger is rendered inoperable.

Revision 6410

OSX buildfix

Revision 6409

more work on dlist caching now should be a little faster
a little bugfix in vertex loading and some fixes.
not much time to work these days but at least i can spend a little time fixing thing.
please test for regressions.


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