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Dolphin SVN r6651

Revision 6651:

More ClearScreen fixes for PIXELFMT_RGB565_Z16…

Revision 6650

some better default settings:
logging: turn off write to file
core: don’t insert anything in memcard b slot
video: efb scale to integral, AF to 1x
audio: 100% volume, 48KHz sample rate


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Dolphin SVN r6649

Revision 6649:

Clarify comment about the use of event.Skip().

Revision 6648

Support for multiple wiimotes on OS X.

Fixes issue 3703.

Note that HLE wiimote activation is currently a little broken, so to
use multiple wiimotes you need to open the wiimote configuration window,
refresh (connect to) the real wiimotes, start the emulation and then
select Connect Wiimote 2/3/4 from the Tools menu or with hotkeys.


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Dolphin SVN r6647

Revision 6647:

Don’t reset all of ARAM when DSPReset is sent. Fixes issue 3594

Revision 6646

Add the ability to Get / Set Array data from SysConf
wiimote bd’s are now read from (or added to if < 4 exist) SysConf in theory you should be able to use any valid sysconf file now, but i would advise against using a dolphin edited SysConf on a wii Скачать:

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Dolphin SVN r6645

Revision 6645:

Fix Unix build.

Revision 6644

data/user/wii/shared2/sys/readme.txt isn’t really accurate or necessary anymore.

Revision 6643

Move AES to common lib
move pch includes to vcproj file for discio

Revision 6642

Allow control of BT.SENS and BT.MOT sysconf values. Thought BT.SENS would fix issue 3362, I don’t think it did though…
Feel free to revert if the options seem unneeded.

Revision 6641

Added a game property for the “Enable CPU Access” video option. Patch by Link_to_the_past.

Revision 6640

Update Wii save import / export to use the same replace list as FileIO
add a couple of country codes I found through redump.org database


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Dolphin SVN r6634

Revision 6634:

Fixes some file handling in IPC_HLE

* change File::GetSize to fetch the size directly from the open file instead
of stat’ing it when challed with a FILE*
* use changed File::GetSize(FILE *f) instead of calling with file name in two
* remove “seek_pos % file_size” hack for ZTP, so one can seek to the end of
file again. Please check Zelda: Twilight Princess for regressions
* return error codes when reading or writing from/to a file

A lot of those changes are from j4ck.fr0st, so kudos to him.

I did not change the file open mode for ISFS_OPEN_WRITE to “wb”. While that
would probably be more correct, it says in the comment that it might affect
Mario Kart Wii. I would prefer somebody with that game try that change
locally first.

Please check your games for regressions (or even improvement). Some games that
may be affected are Zelda – Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3.

Fixes issue 1749

Revision 6633

* Added 21 Arithmetic instructions to the JIT
* Used the DSPAnalyser to identify arithmetic/multiplier instructions that precede a conditional branch. This allows the JIT to skip updating the SR when nothing would read from it. Marked all arithmetic/multiplier instructions in the DSPTable for this purpose.
* Converted CheckExternalInterrupt into ASM
* Fixed a couple instructions in DSP Load/Store


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Dolphin SVN r6632

Revision 6632:

More FIFO works, Hopefully this commit can fix randoms hangs in Wii Music, Wii Sports, maybe in Wii Resort, etc. Please test your games now. This commit is not related with FIFO Overflown and Fifo linked desync.
Good luck!

Revision 6631

* 2nd attempt to fix Alpha channel on ClearScreen


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Dolphin SVN r6630

Revision 6630:

On OS X, we claim all keyboard events while emulation is running to
avoid wxWidgets sounding the system beep for unhandled key events
when receiving pad/wiimote keypresses separately from HID devices.

Revision 6629

Fix shadowing like in DX9..
Not sure if the previous commit broke anything, but better be safe..

Revision 6628

Avoid shadowing variables.

Revision 6627

Various ClearScreen fixes.
Will fix some games and break some others.
Assist trophies in SSBB work fine now, Super Mario Sunshine is a little broken again.
Still needs some more work…

Revision 6626

Forgot committing the changes to VideoConfigDiag.h in r6625…

Revision 6625

Add an option to toggle caching EFB->RAM copies.
skid_au had implemented this in a previous revision and enabled it by default, but it caused glitches if STC wasn’t set to “safe” (which kinda defeated the purpose since it slowed down stuff again).

Also renamed the “safe texture cache” to “accurate texture cache”, since setting the “safe” texture cache to “safe” sounds kind of silly..


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Dolphin SVN r6624

Revision 6624:

added/changed some graphics plugin tooltips, added some low-res framebuffer options for getting a speedup (in pixel-shader-limited situations) at the cost of quality but without needing to make the window tiny, and fixed a little crash with closing the dx9 settings window at a bad time

Revision 6623

update shader cache version to force regeneration

Revision 6622

fix Issue 3539

Revision 6621

* revert Clear Screen’s stuff from r6604
reason : failure! (are needed more testing)

Revision 6620

this probably doesn’t fix anything noticeable, but, it seems like a bug that C_COLORMATRIX+4 overlapped with C_PLIGHTS


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Dolphin SVN r6615

Revision 6615:

OS X std::locale only supports the “C” locale and will give an exception
on any other, including “” when a different one is specified through the
POSIX locale environment variables.

This is not normally a problem since these variables are stripped out from
the environment when an application is launched by the Finder. This is not
the case when running the binary directly from the command line, such as
when debugging.

I have temporarily disabled the use of std::locale(“”) on OS X while I try
to come up with a better solution.

Fixes issue 3598.

Revision 6614

Lock emulation while saving state on all platforms.

Fixes issue 2805. Fixes issue 3235.

If this causes problems on Windows, just use this intead:

#if defined(HAVE_X11) && HAVE_X11 || defined __APPLE__

Revision 6613

Avoid shadowing variables.

Revision 6612

Related to CPUID detecting:

* fixed a bug on display info for AMD CPUs.

Revision 6611

Fix TextureDecoder.cl to work on both NVidia and ATI video cards.
To do so I had to re-add the casting bloat removed in revision 6102. Also, for some odd reason the NVidia OpenCL drivers don’t like 8 bit rotations, but are okay with 2, 4 bit rotations. These are apparently bugs in the NVidia drivers that are hopefully fixed in future versions.
Also, on linux make sure the TextureDecoder.cl file is copied from the shared data directory to the users directory.

Revision 6610

Build fix for linux. svnrev.h was not found when compiling OCLTextureDecoder.cpp as that include directory was only used in Core/Common.


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